When it comes to delectable Indian cuisine, the one city that truly stands out is Jaipur. The Pink City is not only loved for its impressive architectural marvels but the diverse culinary delights that makes it a paradise for all food lovers.

From appetising street food to royal Rajasthani cuisines and international gastronomic delights, the lip smacking dishes of the city are sure to tantalise taste buds of any foodie. Let’s explore the incredible Indian cuisines that one must not miss when visiting the Pink City.

Let’s start the culinary journey with the street food which is quite famous among the locals as well as the tourists. As you explore the streets, you will get a chance to gorge on delectable street food snacks like Pyaz ki kachori, Mirchi Vada, Samosa and Gol Gappas that taste absolutely yum.

You will find vendors selling them in every nook and corner. These street food delights are filled with a variety of tangy and spicy fillings, that promise a burst of flavours in your mouth. The appetising golgappas have a mixture of spicy tamarind water along with chickpeas and potatoes and is surely a treat for the senses.  

Moving to the next is the traditional Rajasthani cuisine which is a must-try when in Jaipur. It includes a variety of dishes that are perfect for a king. Start with ‘dal bati churma’ which has a rich and creamy dal curry along with wheat bread and sweetened wheat balls.

The combination of spicy and sweet flavour in this dish is truly delightful and also represents the royal legacy of Rajasthan. Another speciality of this cuisine is ‘laal maas’, a meat curry prepared using a variety of spices. It is famous for its strong flavours and a must-try for all meat lovers.

A trip to Jaipur is incomplete without savouring the Rajasthani sweet treats. Do try ‘ghewar’, a popular sweet delight prepared using flour and sugar syrup. It is topped with lots of cream, dry fruits and saffron strands which makes it rich and indulgent.

Another yummy delight to satisfy your sweet cravings is ‘rabri’. Made with dense milk and sugar, it is often served with ghewar, but you can have it without ghewar too. Mawa kachori, gajak, shrikhand and churma are other tempting sweet dishes that are definitely worth trying.

If you want to savour other Indian cuisines in the Pink City, all you need to do is head to any of the best restaurants in Jaipur. Baluchi restaurant is the perfect place to relish pan Indian delicacies, be it north Indian food or south Indian delights and that too in a perfect setting.

And if you want to try international cuisines, 24/7 Restaurant at The LaLiT Jaipur is one place where you can savour Italian, Oriental and other ethnic cuisines from around the globe. They serve a lavish multi-cuisine buffet where you can try from a variety of dishes, all prepared by expert chefs. The lip-smacking delicacies, luxury ambience and warm hospitality will make your dining experience truly memorable.  

All in all, Jaipur is a paradise for food lovers. Whether you are craving for tantalising street food or want to try authentic Indian and international cuisine, you can have it all. So plan your trip soon to the vibrant city and indulge in the mouth-watering delicacies that will leave you craving for more!