Denisa Ciocoiu got our attention lately, as her pictures delight us with tropical imagery and not only she seems to be all over the world but we were curious to find out more insides about her life as a model.

1. What is like to be a model in the industry for more than 10 years?

I would say, like everything in life actually, it keeps getting better if you have commitment, perseverance, patience, and work hard for your dreams. It definitely starts from the trust you have in your own potential and then never stop learning and improving your way.

I’m a saggitarius so I never get bored or tired of travelling, so this lifestyle implements perfectly in my personality. I can’t complain.

I was chasing high fashion industry until not long, which was very challenging journey, more restrictive . But right now I chase tropical places where I can work, and I’m happiest I’ve ever been.

2. How do you deal with rejection?

There is a saying’ you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea’. Not everyone will like me or resonate with me, to find me beautiful or perfect for the job. Also, trends and requirements are always changing anyway, so that’s why I’m never taking it personally.

It is a bit uncomfortable at the beginning to deal with rejection, I can’t deny. It took me a few years to not care at all when someone judges my body or my look, based on their individual preference.

3. What it’s the biggest challenge you had as a model? What did you learn?

Biggest challenge I would say was the fact that nothing was stable, safe with my modelling income and my free or busy time or even with my romantic relationships.

I can work everyday for 3 months, make some good money and after I have a quiet 6 months when I almost quit modelling.

Through modelling I’ve learned to love myself more, learn to be independent, travel easily alone to new cities and have lots of patience.

4. How did it change your life? What would you have done otherwise?

It changed my life to 180 degrees. Everything changed. From the most bullied and shy girl in school, to a woman that is confident and makes money with her looks. Coming from a small city and from a modest family, modelling offered me the opportunities of a lifetime. Travelling and meeting famous and inspiring people completely changed my goals in life too.

If I wouldn’t succeed with modelling, probably I would’ve been working in Journalism or having my own fashion labels. Since I was a child I was always drawing sketches with clothes.

5. Do you have a specific diet to keep in shape?

I do and I don’t. Depends on the time that I have to create a routine. If I travel it’s impossible to follow my health plan completely, but I do try to be as healthy as possible, and add some cheat meals over the weekends. It’s all about balance right?

What’s never missing from my diet is: Fruits and veggies, cereals , meat a few times a week, protein shakes, lots of smoothies and pizza & pasta!

6. What are your plans for the future?

I want to keep modelling for as long as possible, and experience new places! With modelling I get to live in any city I want, and not just visit. Next on my list are Cape Town and Australia. And in parallel I work for developing my own swimwear brand.

7. What advice would you give to the girls that are just starting?

Find a good mother agency that believes in you, take lots of care of your body, be confident, be nice, personality can take you further than looks!

8. Where can aspiring models reach to you for advice?

They can reach me on my Instagram @cdenisaaa, I always check requests messages and I am glad to help with any questions

9. A motto that you live by!

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. Take risks, live deeply. Life is a gift.