The economic growth of a country depends on a few factors. Many organizations have reaped numerous benefits from the technological revolution, and the internet has been one of the greatest benefactors for small startups.

While San Diego is not primarily known for tech companies, it has numerous small businesses. Located on the Pacific Coast, San Diego is one of the most populated cities known for its restaurants, art galleries, historical museums, and gardens. Various prominent internet providers operate in this city to keep business owners and residents connected.

Internet Service in San Diego:

San Diego has a decent network infrastructure, which allows many residents to have multiple high-speed internet options. Cable and DSL internet services have much broader coverage in this city, while fiber internet is limited to specific neighborhoods. The majority of San Diego falls into AT&T’s service. Spectrum is the second most widely available provider, covering the northwest side of town. While Cox is another prominent cable internet provider, offering its services to most of San Diego. 

If you live in suburban or rural parts of North and East County, with limited internet options, you can opt for satellite internet providers like Viasat and HughesNet. You can also find other decent options like Google Fiber Webpass, Verizon 5G, and EarthLink. Overall, the city boasts decent options for connectivity, including high-speed fiber internet, multiple cable internet options, and decent 5G internet.

Best Internet Providers in San Diego:

Internet Provider Service Maximum Speed
AT&T DSL/Fiber 5000 Mbps
EarthLink DSL/Fiber 1000 Mbps
Spectrum Cable 940 Mbps
Cox Cable 940 Mbps
T-Mobile 5G/LTE 115 Mbps


AT&T: Best Overall Internet Provider

AT&T is a giant in the telecommunication world. It has the broadest fiber infrastructure in the country. You can find AT&T almost everywhere in San Diego as it covers the entire downtown area and suburbs, including Scripps Ranch and La Jolla. However, most of San Diego falls into AT&T’s DSL service, with AT&T fiber only available in select neighborhoods and addresses.

AT&T Fiber is an ideal internet option if available at your address. It offers high-speed plans at reasonable rates that remain the same even after a year. It mainly provides three fiber plans to the residents, but several addresses can access its multi-gigabit internet plans. In addition, you can enjoy symmetrical download and upload speeds and unlimited data. AT&T also doesn’t enforce you in any contracts and doesn’t charge any equipment rental fee. AT&T fiber is an appropriate choice for home internet and businesses.   

Price Range: $55 – $180/month

Speed Range: 300 Mbps – 5000 Mbps

Perks: gift card, no data caps, no contracts, and no equipment rental fees

Spectrum: Best Cable Internet Provider

Spectrum is the second-largest cable internet provider in the US. It is also the most sensible choice with its fiber-like internet speeds if you live in an area with no fiber internet providers. When it comes to coverage, Spectrum primarily covers the northwest side of town, north of Interstate 8. However, it is unavailable in the downtown area or the surrounding neighborhoods, so you’ll have to look at other providers.

So if you are fortunate to live in an area where Spectrum is available, we recommend going with it as it has the best internet deals at reasonable prices. It offers three internet plans based on different speed tiers with unlimited data. Additionally, all Spectrum plans come with a free modem and a Security Suite App. Plus, it doesn’t bind you in any contract. Spectrum is a top cable internet provider in San Diego as it provides better overall value than Cox, the other available cable internet provider.

Price Range: $49.99 – $89.99/month 

Speed Range: 200 Mbps – 940 Mbps

Perks: no data caps, no contracts, free modem, and Security Suite

EarthLink: Best for Gaming

You can also find EarthLink in San Diego. This provider uses other ISPs’ infrastructure to deliver broadband services. However, this fact also makes it hard to get a clear idea of its plans, pricing, and internet speeds.

In San Diego, EarthLink mainly uses AT&T’s DSL and fiber infrastructure to provide wired services and partners with other Satellite and fixed wireless providers to deliver wireless services. EarthLink covers many areas of San Diego, including Alpine, Camp Pendleton, National City, and more. Although EarthLink can be a bit more expensive than others, you don’t have to worry about the annual price hikes as it doesn’t offer any promotional discounts and provides unlimited data. However, it binds you to a 12-month contract. EarthLink is worth considering if it is available in your area.

Price Range: $49.94 – $99.95 per month

Speed Range: 3 Mbps – 1000 Mbps

Perks: Unlimited data, a suite of security products, and excellent customer service

Cox: Best Coverage

Cox is the most widely available cable internet provider in San Diego, covering majority of the downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods. However, you won’t find it in areas of North County like Torrey Pines, La Jolla, and University City. Cox cable internet is an excellent alternative to fiber internet, with a maximum speed of up to 940 Mbps.

However, Cox’s plans are on the expensive side. It has a complicated pricing structure that tries to force you towards a more expensive internet plan each year. Cox offers a variety of packages with different speeds and prices. And although Cox offers promotional rates, it also binds you to a one-year contract. Plus, it enforces data caps on every plan, so you’ll have to keep an eye on your data usage to avoid extra charges. Cox charges an additional $10 for each additional 50 GB of data after you exceed your data limit. So, keep an eye on price hikes and data caps if you sign up with Cox.

Price Range: $30 – $100 per month for the first 12 months

Speed Range: 25 Mbps – 940 Mbps

Data Caps: 1.25 TB

Perks: no speed throttling after exceeding your data limit and no installation fees

T-Mobile: Best 5G Internet Provider

T-Mobile is the best wireless internet provider in San Diego. It uses its extensive LTE and 5G networks to deliver wireless internet services to the areas that lack DSL, cable, and fiber infrastructure. It offers decent speeds that range from 35 Mbps to 115 Mbps at a fixed rate of $50 per month.

Although T-Mobile is not one of the fastest internet options, the lack of contracts, data caps, equipment fees, and price hikes make it a considerable choice. You can also enjoy special features like hotspot data and HD streaming with T-Mobile Magenta plans.

Price: $50

Speed Range: 35 Mbps – 115 Mbps

Perks: no hidden fees, price hikes, contracts, or data caps

Final Words:

Since the internet is no longer an avoidable part of our life, it is crucial to choose the right internet provider that can fulfill all your requirements. San Diego is one of the largest cities in the US and hence require a decent network infrastructure for economic growth. Many prominent internet providers operate in this city to keep the residents connected. 

Whether you are new to this city or plan to switch providers, you should familiarize yourself with all the available providers to choose the most appropriate one. We have gathered a list of some of the best Internet providers in San Diego based on their availability, plans, pricing, and speeds.