With the rising number of pet owners in India, it is no surprise that the demand for online pet food stores in India has also increased. To cater to the needs of pet parents, a pet food shop online offers an extensive range of products for your beloved furry companion. From food and treats to toys and accessories, this leading online pet store offers a wide selection of products to keep your pup happy and healthy.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of India’s top 5 online pet stores to make shopping for pet supplies easier and more convenient. 

  • Super Tails 

Super tail

Super tails is a pet shop online that caters to your lovable feline and canine companions. It carries a comprehensive selection of pet food and supplies sourced from the industry’s most well-known and reputable pet food brands. You do not need to scour the city for wholesome food for your pet. We take care of everything your pet requires and provide it to your home as quickly as possible. You may also seek the advice of a veterinarian for more direction. 

  • Pawfectly Made 

Pawfectly Made

Pawfectly is one of the excellent online pet food stores which provides the best pet food delivery. The food is fresh, wholesome, handcrafted, and convenient to keep, serve, and order. Because they are tailored to your pet’s requirements, which the team determined using its pet food calculator, the pawfectly crafted meals we provide are the greatest food for pets. Pawfectly produced healthy pet food delivery service delivers the best pet food, which is adored by dogs and cats all across the city. The pet shop’s food is made fresh using fresh veggies, human-grade meat, free-range eggs, and brown rice, and each batch is prepared to order. 

  • Bear Hugs 


BearHugs can be found in the category of pet food near me. It is an online pet shop for cats and dogs, featuring a wide assortment of pet food and supplies from the most reliable pet food companies. Forget the need to search around the neighborhood for healthy nutrition for your furry friend – the team of Bear Hugs ensure your pet’s needs are taken care of with quick delivery to your home.

Moreover, BearHugs pays careful attention to the health of puppies and dogs and focuses strongly on the nutritional value of the food provided for them. It is known as the best online pet food stores, that has partnered with a number of respected dog food manufacturers that are known for producing the greatest and most nutritious dry and wet food in order to ensure that all of the foods it sells for pets are extremely nutritious and give an adequate amount of energy.

  • Pro Breeds 

Pro Breeds

From new dog treats, toys, and tasty snacks to nutritious meals, everything is available with the Pro Breeds. You may find everything in these Pro Breeds- online pet food stores which can be clubbed with other skincare and grooming accessories. All the woofing brands, including those for pups, kittens, fishes, magnificent birdies, turtles, bunnies, and other animals, are clubbed on the website of Pro Breeds.  

  • Heads Up For Tails 

Heads Up For Tail

The desire to give pets both honorable and healthy life motivated the founding of Heads Up for Tails. The fact that Indians are prepared to show their pets the love and attention they require has transformed the company into an omnichannel business poised for further expansion. Today, it hosts various pet food brands that pet parents prefer. 


The list mentioned above of online pet food stores are the leading ones, which offer a wide selection of products to meet the needs of pet parents, including food, treats, toys, and accessories. With its convenient online shopping platform, pet owners can easily find the right products to keep their fur babies happy and healthy.