Our houses are where we live, where we spend much time relaxing with our friends and family and appreciating the finer things in life. Our home is where we rest, relax, and enjoy family time.

However, you never know if someone is watching your neighborhood with malicious intent. The potential for property damage due to fires, leaking pipes, and other unforeseen events is also a concern. Many solutions can help keep your home, family, and sanity secure and your sanity intact. Some recent developments in innovative home products include:

  • Activating “smart” alarms at specific periods of the day
  • Real-time automatic temperature adjustments
  • Locking and unlocking doors from a smart device. The advantages of installing an innovative home system, however, go beyond convenience and safety. The possibility of receiving Home Insurance in Pakistan reductions for installing innovative home equipment is another advantage that you might need to be made aware of.


For example, if you install innovative home technology, you might save money on insurance. According to Fortune.com, 45% of insurance companies anticipate that very soon, linked gadgets will present a significant potential (less than two years away). Insurance businesses generate revenue from the monthly premiums that clients pay. Still, they also have costs associated with settling claims for property damage due to internal flooding or theft. Therefore, insurance companies will value your company as a client more if they pay fewer claims to repair the harm. Additionally, it can qualify you for home insurance reductions. Innovative home technology lowers the likelihood that insurance companies will have to pay out on these frequently expensive house insurance claims, according to a TechnologyReview.com report. Let’s draw a picture of why insurance providers will likely value your home’s use of innovative home technologies. Imagine that your water line bursts as you leave for work in the morning. You experience a worry-free working day. Then, eight hours later, you arrive home to see a flood of water that has significantly damaged the interior of your house. You could have avoided this occurrence if you had installed an intelligent flood sensor and an automatic water control valve. If you did, you would have received a message on your smartphone and been able to turn off the water supply remotely.


Remember that you can negotiate the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. You are not obligated to pay the insurance company’s premiums every month. Install an intelligent home system to demonstrate that you are protecting your investment in your home, and you may be able to cut your rates and qualify for home insurance discounts. Start by letting your insurer know about any home safety upgrades you’ve made. Suppose they don’t give you a discount for installing intelligent home equipment. In that case, you can always transfer Home Insurance Company whenever you want, hassle-free, by comparing and haggling prices with different providers. Check prices elsewhere and see what you can get.


you are strongly advised to utilize an intelligent home system like Control4. Protect your family and property, and you can get your home insurance rates lower. Fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you if we can discuss how intelligent home automation can provide you with the utmost peace of mind.