It is no wonder that travelers look forward to getting seats of their choice. And why not? It is more comfortable and convenient. However, with Emirates you get automatic seat allocation.

So, do you need to pay to get your favorite seats onboard? Is it worth it? Let’s find out in the account that follows.

Should I Pay for Selected Seats on Emirates?

You need not pay for Emirates Seat Selection if you have any of the following fare types:

  • Premium Economy
  • Flex
  • Flex Plus fare
  • Business Class Saver

You can select a complimentary seat when traveling with a Business Special fare. However, you can do so when check-in starts 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Please note

For Unaccompanied Minors, Emirates offers choosing seats for free.

Can I Fly in My Favorite Seat on an Emirates Flight?

Yes, Emirates allows you to choose a seat at your convenience. Whether you are looking forward to a window seat, one with extra legroom, or at the aisle.

Here’s how:

Choose your seat with booking

Make sure that you choose and book your favorite seat while making a reservation for your trip. However, if you didn’t pick your seat while booking, the Manage Your Booking helps you get one. Visit the official website of Emirates to access this feature.

Pick a seat at check-in

The other way to get your preferred seat on an Emirates flight is during online check-in, whether you do it through the Emirates website or its app.

The 3D seat map and its seating charts help you choose the seats of your choice.

What are the Emirates Seat Selection Fees?

Emirates usually doesn’t charge you for picking seats if you are traveling with an infant or have medical needs. You get automatically assigned seats and that too for free.

Furthermore, the airline facilitates you to select a free seat in advance when you are traveling in Economy Class. But the airline might charge you extra according to:

  • Your ticket type
  • The membership tier of Emirates Skywards

Does Emirates Keep My Seat or Meal Requests on a Booking Change?

For the selected seat or requested meal for the flight that you want to modify, Emirates doesn’t save your request and choices.

So, when you cancel your booking, follow the Emirates flight cancellation policy and guidelines. This helps you keep things on track when you cancel your reservation.

When you are changing or rebooking your flight, maintain the seat selection. To know more, call Emirates Airlines Telefono where an efficient executive will assist you.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, you can get your preferred seats on any Emirates flight that you are traveling with. Pick your favorite seats now to fly with your travel companions and enjoy your journey. Keep the seat selection process and correct time in mind to choose the best seat.