Do you drink instant coffee? Do you feel guilty that it is not home-brewed? Nowadays, you have many options when it comes to instant coffee. To start with, you can pick one from a whirlwind of brands and different varieties. From micro ground instant coffee to organic instant coffee, you can enjoy whatever you desire in the instant coffee category.


You may have special preferences when it comes to your morning coffee, some prefer light coffee, and others love the fuller versions. Coffee lovers can indeed explore a whole new world of delicious instant coffees available in the market.

Difference Between Instant Coffee & Brewed Coffee


Brewed coffee involves a long procedure. The ground coffee beans have to be brewed in a pot or machine for around ten minutes or more. Depending on the type of machine you have at home, you need to start your brewed coffee preparations accordingly.


Instant coffee can be made in a jiffy, it takes very less time compared to preparing a cup of brewed coffee. The instant coffee granules mix easily and quickly with hot water or milk. A packet of instant coffee powder is coffee beans that have been roasted, ground, and processed beforehand.


Organic Instant Coffee Vs. Regular Instant Coffee


Most people drink coffee for its aromatic flavour and taste. While some need caffeine and also primarily for its health benefits. Instant coffee drinkers choose likewise for sheer convenience. When you are in a hurry and want to make some quick coffee, instant coffee is the best solution.


However, you have the option to choose healthy and organic coffee beans. You can buy organic instant instead of getting regular instant coffee. Organic health products in Australia are grown without using pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Organically-grown products such as coffee beans are pure and free from chemicals and do not have any side effects.


Some highlighting features of organic produce are as follows:


  • Organic coffee is not sprayed with strong chemicals and pesticides
  • Organic farmers do not use genetically modified materials or organisms to grow plants
  • Organic instant coffee is chemical-free and does not contain GMOs unlike regular instant coffee
  • Organic coffee is rich in nutrients grown in natural high-quality soil


There are millions of coffee drinkers who purchase only organic brands as they are environment-conscious. Organic coffee is also fair-trade certified and offers more taste than regular coffee. Coffee lovers who drink organic coffee feel that it tastes just like high-quality brewed coffee.  Top-quality organic coffee can be purchased in instant varieties and the blend is far superior to normal coffee. You will experience the richness of natural beans and out-of-this-world taste.


The good news is that Instant coffee is now here to stay for a long time. You can get rid of artificially grown toxic produce and make a healthy switch. If you wish to try organic healthcare products, you can approach Australian Organic Products + More, a reputed retail company with an e-store. Established in the year 2014, the mega store provides naturally-grown and fully organic products for customers.