Puddler farming implements one of the most useful tools suitable for paddy crops. This tool or equipment helps break the soil until it becomes suitable for paddy cultivation. Furthermore, the tool helps farmers increase soil quality and grow high-yielding crops. These farming equipment have several advantages for paddy crop production. 

Apart from this, the puddler price is reasonable given the range of applications it performs and the results it shows. And Puddler Tractor Implements, especially from old brand names like John Deere, are a must-buy. Let’s review this brand’s best puddler.


John Deere Puddler Leveler – PL1017


John Deere offers a 44 HP puddler leveller in the land preparation category. With 54 J blades, this 345 kg leveller offers efficient and precise work on any soil and field type. Its side chain drive and single-speed gearbox offer efficient power transmission to the wheel for puddling any land. Moreover, its 7 ft working width is deep enough to mix and toss the soil until it turns into the finest quality soil.


Puddlers Price in India


Puddler tractor implements price is reasonable in India, so marginal farmers can easily buy them. In addition, the Puddler tractor equipment offers high working efficiency and production in the shortest time, which makes it worth the price. 


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