Congratulations on your new car! Whether you just got your license or are finally upgrading from your old beater, a new car is an exciting purchase. But before you hit the open road, there are a few things you should make sure to have in your new ride. Here’s our list of essential items for any new car owner. Happy travels!

A First-Aid Kit and Gear for Bad Weather

When it comes to preparing for bad weather, a compact umbrella is definitely a key item to have. But in addition to an umbrella, it’s always good practice to equip yourself with an appropriate first-aid kit and other types of gear. Depending on the forecast and where you’re going, your first-aid kit should contain items like waterproof bandages, disinfectant, extra batteries, and essential medications. You may also want to bring along a flashlight or two for the journey too. All these items should be compact enough to carry in your bag without taking up too much space. While you can never predict the weather with 100% accuracy, having a well thought out plan will certainly help prepare you no matter what comes your way!

A Map or GPS System

Going on a road trip can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming without the right guidance. That’s why having a map or GPS system is essential for any journey. A map or GPS system provides detailed instructions that help you make your way to your desired destination. Nowadays there are even interactive systems that provide interesting fun facts about places you come across on your route! Navigating has never been easier thanks to the use of maps and GPS systems, providing travelers with a reliable source of guidance on their journey.

A Phone Charger

Nothing ruins a day quite like having your phone suddenly run out of juice. Thankfully, a phone charger is here to save the day! Finding the right one for you may be a bit tricky since there are different types of chargers, but with some basic knowledge, you’ll be able to choose what type of charger will work best for your device and have it charged up in no time. Whether you need something small to fit in a pocket or larger ones that can charge multiple devices at once, there’s sure to be one that works perfectly for you!

Water and Snacks

Staying hydrated and nourished is key to maintaining your energy levels throughout the day. Consider carrying a water bottle with you at all times, and don’t forget to grab a piece of fruit or a healthy snack like nuts or trail mix for added sustenance. Or if you want something a little sweeter, try to select protein bars or energy bites that are packed with nutritious ingredients such as oats, dates and almonds. Snacks like these can give you the boost you need to tackle whatever tasks come your way with ease.

An Emergency Blanket

An emergency blanket can provide safety and comfort in a wide range of situations. Whether you’re camping, stuck in an unexpected storm, or facing almost any other type of emergency, having an emergency blanket on hand could make all the difference. A quality emergency blanket will reflect up to 92% of your body heat back to you and can be folded or torn into pieces for use as an extra layer of clothing or as protection from wind and moisture. They’re lightweight, packable, and usually tear-proof so they can stand up even in the toughest circumstances. Emergency blankets are essential tools to have with you when exploring nature and conquering unknowns.

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are a must-have for any savvy driver. They come in handy for those times when your car battery dies, as they can connect two batteries together and provide the extra charge you need to get your vehicle up and running again. Not only are they an essential tool for any driver, they’re also relatively easy to use, provided you have the right components – jumper cables, another car with a good battery, and some elbow grease! By connecting the positive terminal of one battery to the positive terminal of another, you can jumpstart your car in no time at all. So don’t leave home without them – with a set of jumper cables in your trunk, you’ll be ready to tackle any emergency on the road!

Enjoy the Open Road Once Your Car is Complete

These are just a few essential items that you should keep in your car at all times to be prepared for anything. By making sure you have these items, you can rest assured knowing that you and your passengers will be safe no matter what happens. Do you have everything on this list? If not, get out there and complete your car with these essential items!