YouTube is a bountiful source of videos, especially for music videos. Products to download them to get the music files, you’ll need a MP3 converter or Metacafe downloader. You can save the music data file to a USB drive in order to your computer. if you have a video online that you’d like to transfer to some USB device, then you’ll have to first capture and transform the video onto your computer. After that you can use a USB cable in order to transfer the captured movie file to your device. To find about Tubemate YouTube Downloader, click here

Step 1

Log into YouTube, and find it whose audio you would like to separate. Copy the video’s WEB ADDRESS, and in a new browser, go to a website like y2mate. com or savefrom. net. Insert the video’s URL in to the Paste link here area, make sure the field just below signifies. mp3, these sites all function just about the same exact method, and all allow you to capture Youtube . com videos, then press Begin

Step 2

Click on the option to down load video from a website.

Step 3

Click the download button. Following a few moments, a link ought to appear. Click on that hyperlink to download your YouTube video.

Step four

Hook up your USB gadget to your computer. Click on the “open” option once that appears automatically on your computer screen. Open up your default download document. Click and drag your own YouTube file from your pc to your USB device document.

It should be relatively simple to move music stored on your computer on to a USB flash drive. As long as you understand where your music is actually stored on your computer, then it ought to be a simple case of duplicating and pasting the music documents onto the USB generate once you have plugged it within.