Kashmiri & Sons- Best Clothing Store in Uttarakhand

The ethereal beauty of Uttarakhand has made it a well-known tourist destination in India, attracting visitors from around the globe.

Foundation of this Clothing Store

  • In Uttarakhand, Mr. Kashmiri founded his first company, “Goyal Vastra Emporium,” in 1975 alongside his older brother. 
  • The variety of apparel expanded in 1978 with the addition of the well-known suiting brand “Gwalior Suiting. 
  • Mr. Kashmiri Goyal altered the realm of fashion and the brand known as Kashmiri & Sons in 1999.

What Motivated the Decision to Transform Kashmiri Sons into a Clothes Retailer?

Kashmiri & Sons was founded to bring the newest trends to small communities while staying within the customer’s price range and maintaining tradition. Establishing Kashmiri Sons as a name and a one-stop shop for all clothing needs is our aim.

Are There Job Opportunities at This Store?

The expansion of Kashmiri Sons is creating professional possibilities. We began with the belongings of two employees. Our crew now numbers more than 80 people throughout our two stores.

  • To keep our firm running smoothly, we need IT specialists, HR professionals, accountants, retail professionals, sales executives, and the store manager.

Why is Kashmiri & Sons in Uttarakhand Famous for Shopping?

You can also love shopping in Uttarakhand because there are so many interesting and unusual things to buy there. 

  • When visiting any of the well-known cities in Uttarakhand, it is advised that you set aside some time (and even money) to go shopping. 
  • Let’s start by talking about everything you can get in Uttarakhand, though.
  • The full selection of clothing available for men, women, and children was the main focus. 
  • In a short amount of time, Kashmir & Sons established itself as a brand and a platform for quality and fashion.
  • The brand’s mission was to bring the newest trends to small communities while staying within the customer’s price range and without sacrificing quality.

Apparel Made of Wool

Woolen apparel is among the best items to buy in any hill town. The handicraft markets in Uttarakhand sell hand-knit shawls, socks, sweaters, and scarves.

  • You’ll be protected from the chilly mountain winters by wearing these woolen garments. No other option exists.
  • Additionally, you’ll recall that sweater or scarf you purchased on your trip to Uttarakhand for years to come.
  •  To give to your loved ones as gifts, these knitted goods also make lovely keepsakes.

Pashmina and Angora

    • Angora or pashmina shawls are among the items you should get while shopping in Uttarakhand. The warmest apparel available is made of angora and pashmina, which are woven from mountain goat hair.
    • In Uttarakhand, you may get lovely shawls with elaborate embroidery in a variety of stores. Try running the fabric through your ring to see if it is authentic pashmina or not. It is real if it does.
  • Woolens are the finest purchases in Uttarakhand because the state not only sells them for a reasonable price but also knits and weaves some lovely and gorgeous woolens. Famous for its Angora and Pashmina products are Kashmiri Sons and a few other locations in Uttarakhand.

Stunning Lehenga for the Bride

  • Indian brides are the epitome of class, glitz, beauty, and grace! Larger-than-life Lehengas, Lehenga gowns, ornate jewelry, painstakingly applied makeup, etc. are all part of the Pakistani bridal aesthetic. 
  • The Indian bride is lovely and ethereal! The bridal attire for Indian women is both modest and glitzy.

Product Qualities

Each item you stock has a special set of “product attributes,” which are qualities and features that are specific to it. Product attributes, aid in identifying one product from another for you and your customers.

The following attribute groups are frequently found in the fashion industry.

  • Fabric
  • Print
  • Fit
  • Occasion
  • Weather
  • Length
  • Color type
  • Waistline
  • Neckline
  • Sleeves.


Both nature lovers and compulsive shoppers will find bliss in Uttarakhand. These things are unique to this lovely town and are those that are listed above. Even if you aren’t a huge shopper, you need to bring home these trinkets as a reminder of your trip to Uttarakhand. Discover the best clothing store in Haldwani – Kashmiri Sons. Experience exceptional service and find the latest fashion trends all under one roof. Shop now and elevate your style with Kashmiri Sons, the best clothing store in Haldwani