Timber is one of the most popular and one of the oldest known materials used for construction of houses, frames and wide array of structures. What is the most astonishing thing  about timber in construction is that, after stones it was the second oldest material used for construction which could have been possibly thousands of years old, and yet, it is still one of the popular choices of construction, especially residential construction. This is a testimony itself to the fact that timber frame is extremely popular and that it has some of the most innate qualities which till date serve mankind. If you are looking for Timber wood Apartments, and in case you are looking for Timber wood Apartments for Rent, consider Timber Wood Commons.

One of the most important benefits of opting for timber houses is that they can be highly energy efficient. As a matter of fact, this is one property of timber houses that make people opt for it specially in the montane and high latitude countries. There are several ways in which timber can minimize consumption of energy. It has also been found that timber and wood-made house can clearly outperform houses made of steel and concrete with this regard

Another major benefit of timber is that it is easy to work with. This makes it a brilliant construction material. It means that it does not require a lot of specialized skills so it is a major advantage. Also, timber is a very versatile material, which means that it can be used to manufacture a wide array of materials. It is usually light and not heavy like stones and concrete, and this makes it easier to work with timber. Being light also means that it can be shipped easily and this cuts the transportation cost, thereby making timber a fairly affordable material. This reduces the energy requirement of the production as well. The versatility can be found with regards to the texture of timber, as you can find timber of different species with different colour, feel, function and texture.

One of the most important benefits of living in houses and structure made from timber and log is that these last for a very long time. That means, house and structures made from timber have the tendency to withstand the wrath of time and can withstand forces of nature and time. If you think concrete can outlast timber and log homes, then you are sadly mistaken. This is because timber and log homes can easily last a millennium. So, as far as longevity is concerned, timber can easily outrun and outlast any of the modern-day materials typically used in the construction of houses and structures.

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