We also call the share market or stock market as ‘equity market’. When a company issues its shares to investors, then we call those shares as equity. By the way, equity does not mean much, just shares. So When you buy or sell shares of a company in the stock market, it is said that you have taken equity in that company. So we can say that the company which is listed on the stock exchange issues equity to the investors so that the investors or traders can become a part of their company. With this, more and more money will come to the company instead of giving equity and the company will be able to increase its net profit.

What is equity release?

Equity release is a way for you to access the wealth tied into the value of your house so you can put it to positive use, without having to sell your property or move out. Equity Release in East Anglia

What is equity market?
An equity market is the market where shares of companies are issued and traded. These take place either through exchanges or over-the-counter markets. Equity market is also called stock market or share market. It allows companies to raise their capital. Investors take a small stake in the company in the form of shares. Equity market is a meeting place for buyers and sellers of shares.