First off, Shopify is a saas (Software As A Service) solution that was created by three Canadians in 2006 and allows you to quickly and easily create an e-commerce website. For businesses looking to sell their goods online, we believe that this is the greatest option. Here’s why online retailers adore it:

  • The turnkey shopify store device
  • No prior development experience is necessary
  • Straightforward and logical treatment
  • We will now outline all of its benefits for you.

A simple dashboard

First off, the administrative portion has been done really well to make things simple for newcomers, as can be seen above. The following are the primary sections of an online store:

  • You will have access to all orders placed in your store through Orders.
  • Products will list every item you have.
  • Customers, a section that will list all of the persons who have placed orders.
  • Data analysis provides a little dashboard with your e-commerce site’s numerous vital metrics (total sales, visits to the online store, rate of recurring customers, etc.).
  • Where you can start campaigns is in marketing.
  • Discounts: You can generate promotional codes for your guests using this feature.
  • Applications: Provides access to a sizable collection of applications for your store, many of which have a wealth of extra features (translation of your store, display of a pop-up to invite the Internet user to subscribe to a newsletter, basket relaunch, etc. ).
  • Included are hosting and a domain name
  • We informed you at the outset that you wouldn’t require any prior development knowledge. Being a digital business, we are aware that selecting a hosting provider and domain name might be confusing for some of our customers. So, since you can sign up for a hosting service at Shopify, you won’t need to worry about any of these issues.

You frequently consider performance if you have to select a host for your website. Shopify’s servers are perfectly suited to hosting your online store, ensuring that your customers have a great shopping experience.

There is always customer service available.

We utilized Shopify frequently when we first got going, and we can attest to the fact that this is one of their strongest suits. It’s simple to contact them; all you have to do is go to their support page and enter the name of your store.

Also, customers can contact customer service via chat, email, and the forum’s “Community” section. Although only offered in English, the chat gives you access to a Shopify techie around the clock. As a result, you will never have an issue with your online store by yourself.

Many themes to customize your online store

Another one of Shopify’s numerous benefits is that it has a large selection of themes that you can use to make your e-commerce site seem like your company. Also, some of these themes are free, while others cost money (up to $180). Yet, Shopify’s “Starting” theme will be more than adequate to start your store.

Our preferred theme is Speedfly

On the other hand, if the free themes don’t persuade you, we suggest purchasing the Speedfly theme. This theme has a lot of French characteristics. Particularly considering that you will even be able to forgo some paid applications. You can also connect with a sizable French-speaking community on Facebook.

In addition to being quick to respond, they are also incredibly knowledgeable. It is the greatest Shopify theme on the market right now, among other things.

For your Shopify stores, use apps

The Shopify store gives modules for your online store to add various features because it is made up of thousands of applications. A partial list of the top apps is shown below:

Oberlo: Because it enables you to automate orders with your suppliers, this program quickly becomes crucial once you start Dropshipping.

Klaviyo: This program is required if you want to send out email marketing to your consumers or make basket reminders.

Facebook channel: With this program, you can sell your goods directly on the marketplace of the social media behemoth rather than having to manually post them to your Facebook sites for sale.

Facebook Live Chat: This addon enables customers to send you a message from their Messenger account while they are on your website in order to rapidly respond to their inquiries. There is no question that this will influence them favorably when making a purchase.

With the help of the smart bar, you can add a bar at the top of your e-commerce website where consumers can see a message. For instance, you may provide free shipping for orders over a specific value.

There are numerous payment options available.

For your e-commerce site, Shopify has added extra payment systems to speed up transactions. Nonetheless, we suggest using at least:

Stripe accepts credit card payments


The payment method used by Amazon, Amazon Pay, can also be added. As a result, your consumers can use the payment information that has already been kept in their account with the online retailer.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are all valid payment methods. From the list of alternate payment methods, pick a service provider that accepts cryptocurrency for this. Moreover, we advise Coinbase.