Capital gains tax valuation is any capital gain or loss made from selling a capital asset, which includes investments like houses, land, and so on. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) requires these valuations to calculate the capital gain you may have made by selling your investment property. Understanding how to benefit from capital gains tax property valuation can be confusing, especially with all the property terminology involved. If you want to ensure you only pay what you need to, get in touch with capital gains tax specialists. They can give you the accurate and exact value of your property and help you save tax on capital gains using the best practices in the industry.

Capital Gains Tax Exemptions and Concessions Categories

The ATO allows property investors some exemptions and concessions in capital gains tax to reduce their capital gains tax liability. The categories include: 

  • The principal place of residence (PPOR) exemption
  • The capital gains tax property 6-year rule;  
  • The six-month rule, and 
  • The 50% discount if you’ve owned the property for at least 12 months before selling it.

Why Choose Accord Appraisals For Capital Gains Tax Valuation

At Accord Appraisals, we have a team of Australia’s reputed capital gain valuers who prepare an accurate and comprehensive valuation report on time to help you achieve the best outcome. Our valuers benefit from access to Australia’s largest property information databases, market intelligence and industry-leading quality assurance practices. In over decades of providing capital gains tax advice service, we are proud to say that the ATO has never contested our valuation report.

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