So you decided to pack and move your belongings by taking help from transporters. That certainly would be your best decision, since the moving partners are well efficient and experienced in carrying your possessions safely. But don’t just take a truck on rent in Mumbai, and start relaxing, because there are various crucial responsibilities you need to handle before and after the arrival of the movers at your home and destination respectively.

However, the real labor starts as soon as the moving truck gets to your new house. Hence, here we’re going to discuss some such vital things to do both before and after the truck arrives, regardless of whether you have assistance.

Steps to Consider Before Arrival 

  1. The very first step is to prepare your belongings to be loaded on the truck.
  2. Ask the movers about the accurate time of their arrival and the type of truck they are driving.
  3. Clear and decide the parking spot where the truck can be parked without any hassle.
  4. Ensure, the truck can be parked for a long time and no one has issues with that.
  5. Put everything near the doorsteps. It lets the laborers pick and load them easily.
  6. Let your family members prepare and be ready for this upcoming hustle and bustle.
  7. If you’ve kids in the house, make them aware and behind the mess.

Steps can’t be neglected After Arrival

  1. Be present at the location and on time before the truck arrives.
  2. Ask the movers about the labor they are sending with the truck or not.
  3. Even if laborers are there for unloading, be prepared for lifting and unloading.
  4. Prepare a clear and empty area at the new home for putting the stuff.
  5. Put everything strategically in a symmetric manner, so that you’ve open space to access anything.
  6. At last, verify the confirming papers of dispatching and give clear feedback.

The Bottom Line 

Must take in mind that efficient relocation necessitates organization. You’ll definitely reduce enough chaos and complication if you walk through the above steps. Further, make a clear connection with your packers and movers in Mumbai, so that they know your strategies and planning.