The Tata Ultra T.7 is an electric truck developed by Tata Motors, an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company. It is part of the Tata Ultra range of light commercial vehicles. The Ultra T.7 is part of Tata’s Ultra range of electric vehicles, which includes buses and small trucks. The Tata Ultra T7 price is modest. This blog will go into great detail on one of Tata Motors’ electric truck model.

The Tata Ultra T7 Price And Features

One of the features of the Ultra T.7 is its 62.5 kWh battery. In addition, the truck is octillion made, which promotes silent drive-off. It also delivers a range of up to 80 kmph on a single charge. The truck also has a payload capacity of 3692 – 4935 KG, making it suitable for various applications, including urban and inter-city transportation of goods.

You may charge using a fast charger or any standard power outlet. To fully charge it, it would take around 3 hours.  

In terms of design, the Ultra T.7 has a modern and streamlined appearance, with a spacious and comfortable driver’s compartment. 

It is also ideal for various applications, including last-mile delivery, e-commerce, and food and grocery delivery. The Tata Ultra T7 price is between Rs. 15.29 Lakh and Rs. 16.82 Lakh.

One of the key advantages of the Ultra t.7 is its low operating cost, as it does not require any fuel and has minimal maintenance requirements. It also produces zero emissions, making it an environmentally friendly transportation option.

Overall, the Tata Ultra t.7 electric truck is a reliable and cost-effective choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs. You can visit the Truck Junction website to know more about this model.