layered necklace set means to wear more than one necklace combined. Generally speaking, these are multiple chains of jewellery combined together. The necklace is joined by a single clasp. Layered necklaces provide a good layering to your neck, as they are unique and elegant at the same time. Choosing the right pair of necklace is very important while pairing up with an outfit.

Layered necklaces are generally paired with ethnic as well as trendy clothes. They provide a lighter and more casual vibe  to a person’s personality by upbringing the hidden vibe of a person. Long layered necklaces go well with turtleneck tops and plunging styles. Layered necklaces make the personality of a person stand out. The layered necklaces have gained so much popularity nowadays that they are now being found in every girl’s jewellery box.

They are fresh, creative and full of possibilities. We can wear layered necklaces with various styles- Permute and combine; mixing and matching with two or three different layers.  Charming affair; we can make a statement with the stars or the moon! The symbols can be hearts, geometric shapes or any celestial symbol. Generally, layered necklaces are kept simple with a minimalist neckline. It is of no doubt that ‘less is more’. Layered Necklace Set can be created with your collection of jewellery as per your choices and preferences, adding a new touch to your outfit and style. Layered necklaces elevate your wardrobe and help in switching up your style. These are the must haves in every girl’s jewellery box.