What is a Large Diameter Steel Pipe?

Large diameter steel pipe is employed for a variety of purposes, including bracing, casing, jack and boring installations, sign poles, caissons, and combination walls. Large diameter pipe constructions have been produced for a very long time by Nucor Skyline. The diameters of rolled and welded pipe range from 24″ to 204″ OD, while the sizes of spiral weld pipe range from 24″ to 120″ OD. Wall thicknesses of two and a half inches for rolled and welded pipe and up to one inch for spiral welding.

India’s Leading Large Diameter Steel Pipe Manufacturers

Inox Steel India is the Leading Large Diameter Steel Pipe Manufacturer in India. A substantial section of our clients prefers our wide diameter steel pipe due to its excellent quality.We also produce many varieties of stainless steel 304 large diameter pipe and Stainless Steel 310 Large Diameter Pipe. For more also visit Stainless Steel Pipe Supplier in Singapore

Large Diameter Steel Pipes in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait:

Inox Steel India is the leading Large Diameter Steel Pipe Supplier in Saudi Arabia. To satisfy the demands of our loyal customers, we provide this Big Diameter Steel Pipe in a variety of Grades, Specs, and Sizes. To offer big diameter steel pipes, our team employs high-quality raw materials. To produce Big Diameter Pipe of the suitable size, our organisation adheres to all international standards and laws.We are also the foremost Large Diameter Steel Pipe Supplier in Kuwait.

Specifications of Large-Diameter Steel Pipes

  • Standard: ASME B36.10M /ANSI B36.10M, API, GB, SH, HG, MSS, JIS, DIN, etc
  • 14-inch Thickness: DIN 8mm, JIS 7.9mm, ASME 6.35, 7.92, 9.52, 11.1315.09, 12.70, 19.05, 23.83, 27.79, 31.75, 35.71mm
  • Thickness Tolerance: ±12.5%
  • Length: Min 3 Meters, Max12 Meters, or according to customer’s requirement
  • Ends: Beveled/Straight cut, Plastic or Metal ends protectors
  • Coating: Black painting/Vanish painting 3PE coated etc
  • Marking: According to standard or according to the client’s requirement

There are two main Large Diameter Steel Pipes that we mainly deal with.

304 Large Diameter Pipe:

In India, we are the top producer, distributor, stockist, and dealer of stainless steel 304 large diameter pipe. We provide this Stainless Steel 304 Large Diameter Pipe in a variety of Grades, Specifications, and Sizes to satisfy the needs of our devoted customers.

The Stainless Steel 304 Large Diameter Pipe that our team produces is made from premium raw materials.

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304L Large Diameter Pipe:

We are the leading manufacturer, supplier, stockist, and dealer of Stainless Steel 304L Large Diameter Pipe in India. We provide these Stainless Steel 304L Large Diameter Pipe in a range of Grades, Specifications, and Sizes to satisfy the needs of our esteemed customers. Our company creates Stainless Steel 304L Large Diameter Pipe using high-quality raw materials.

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