As a small business owner, of course, your first considerations would be advertising, marketing and making profits. Hiring a corporate lawyer in Medicine Hat may not even cross your mind.

But what if we told you that hiring a corporate lawyer can result in your small business’s growth? Yes, you read that right. And no, we aren’t kidding.

Falling into legal issues is quite a common thing for a variety of reasons. Most small businesses overlook such legal issues only to find they are wound up in expensive problems.

With expert by your assistance, you can build a solid legal foundation for your firm in various ways, including –

1- Incorporation process

You may not realize this, but Corporate law in Grande Prairie can assist you with both foundation and incorporation procedures.

A lawyer can help firms evaluate the business, counsel the CEOs, managers, etc., on perks and downsides of incorporation, create articles of incorporation, conduct name searches, etc.,

2- Legal compliance and risk management

When you have a corporate lawyer at your aid, you end up ensuring your company is in compliance with state, central and local laws and meets the necessary regulatory needs.

Additionally, the lawyer will assist in determining the sources of potential legal risks, evaluate them, locate preventative measures and make sure that both the company and its employees adhere to the associated regulations and corporate laws in Grande Prairie.

3- Intellectual property

With a corporate lawyer at your aid, you can comprehend which type of intellectual property safeguarding can be most advantageous for your firm. Intellectual property assists in protecting a brand’s identity by making its products and services more unique from the competitors, building a loyal customer base and brand recognition, creating valuable business assets, interacting with the audience effectively, forbidding the competitors from snatching the customers and establishing an emotional connection.

From keeping an eye on accidental infringement to ensuring your business does not violate trademarks, existing patents or copyrights.

4- Employment agreements

A reliable corporate lawyer can help you draft employment contracts and important documents like non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.

Other documents a corporate lawyer can assist in drafting includes –

  • Handbooks outlining the terms of employment
  • Compensation specifications
  • Additional benefits policy

What’s more? A lawyer can safeguard your business during uncomfortable situations such as undue termination, perhaps a sensitive matter like racism, discrimination and sexual harassment.

A lawyer drafted official documents not only ensures smooth operations but also safeguards your business from unhappy former employees.

5- Tax

With a professional lawyer at your aid, you can create a concise business structure that helps minimize tax payments and eliminate personal liabilities or future risks like improperly reported tax, non-adherence to taxation laws, etc.

A professional will keep you up-to-date about filing deadlines and due dates and navigate you through systematic record maintenance.

Final thoughts

Trust us when we say listed above are just a few of the many things a corporate lawyer in Medicine Hat can assist you with to help grow the business.

So, wait no more and seek the assistance of expert lawyers at Stringam to immediately acquire your business with a relevant legal foundation.

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