The popularity of white-label IT support has been on the rise for a while now as the tech world is progressing quicker compared to 10 or 15 years ago. It is very important for new businesses to create a product that will be well thought out and is able to stand strong on short notice. 

It is a healthy alternative for “custom building” and “Software-as-a-Service,” but as for them, it also has its pros and cons. Let’s look at the phenomenon of the “White label” along with its pros and cons.  

Defining White Label

White labeling is done when a provider produces a product or a service that will be bought by a reseller, then rebranded and resold again to an end customer.

Pros of White Labeling

  • Saves Time

Building your own custom software requires a lot of time and effort. You cannot create this in a week as you will be spending your time and the time of your team on creating the concept. A lot of time will be spent on development and testing also.

With white label support, you will complete everything in a few weeks. 

  • Saves Capital

Obviously, it also depends on the type of IT services you need and the payment flow available with your provider. 

  • Makes You Unique from Your Competitors

Some markets are a lot more competitive, and you require to create a big hype about your organization right away. High-quality tech support helps you to be unique in the initial stage and make it quick. 

Cons of White Labeling

  • Limited Opportunities

By purchasing the readymade solution, you are restricted by the features and the quality it presently provides. Hence, it can’t be a complete fit for your business. 

  • You have to Take Accountability for All the Weaknesses in the Software

Whether it is custom-made or White label software, you will be taking accountability for any data leaks or other issues, so if you make a wrongful selection regarding the provider, you cannot ensure the quality or be sure of the risks. 

  • Support Issues

If you require IT support and don’t have an IT expert, then it can be an issue if your provider for white label IT services doesn’t provide the tech support. 


White label IT Support can be a helpful foundation, to begin with. But, like any other business decision, it needs research and time to look through all pros and cons. It is not an alternative for all organizations. Hence before searching for a reliable partner, spend some time reviewing the options.