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Do you hit the gym often but still struggle to get a six-pack? Now JEM Med Spa offers a non-surgical way to take your body shape to the next level. EMSCULPT can build strength and muscle tone in multiple areas while eliminating unwanted fat. Regarding effective body contouring, only a few treatments do not require invasive surgery.


So in this blog, we will learn about the benefits of emsculpt specials.

What Is Emsculpt?


Emsculpt is an FDA-cleared energy-based device and the first used for fat reduction and muscle building in the abdomen and buttocks.

How Does Emsculpt Work?


Emsculpt precisely targets abdominal and gluteal muscles with high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. These electromagnetic waves then stimulate extremely potent muscle contractions that are unlike anything that can be achieved through exercise.


As a result of these extreme conditions, muscle fibers undergo intense remodeling to become thicker and stronger. At the same time, Emsculpt’s supramaximal contractions cause the release of free fatty acids and increased lipolysis.

Advantages of Emsculpt Specials: 

  • Build muscle and burn fat at the same time


Some body contouring methods address only one problem at a time. For example, liposuction can treat pockets of fat but does nothing for your muscles. EMSCULPT is a one-of-a-kind procedure that safely manages both muscle and fat. Patients do not have to sign up for multiple types of treatments.

  • EMSCULPT does not involve surgery


One of the key advantages of non-surgical body contouring is that invasive incisions and general anesthesia are not involved. Instead, EMSCULPT for men uses advanced high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to promote muscle contractions and eliminate fat cells. Patients should only expect a simple panel to be placed over the treatment area.

  • EMSCULPT is fast and efficient


Most EMSCULPT sessions are only 30 minutes long. Your timeline may change depending on the size and number of the treatment areas. Patients can schedule their sessions during their lunch break or whenever convenient. Remember that we advise patients to get 4 – 5 sessions 2 – 3 days apart in Orland Park and Elmhurst, IL, for the best results.

  • Little to no downtime


You may resume daily activities as normal after your muscle toning session. However, some minor side effects, such as discomfort, may occur over the following 3 – 4 days. This is due to the intense muscle contractions caused by the HIFEM technology. Mainly you will feel as if you have just completed a strenuous workout at the gym.

  • Long-lasting results


Candidates for EMSCULPT are within 15 – 20 pounds of their goal weight. This is because non-surgical body contouring treatments are not designed for extensive weight loss. As long as you stick with a consistent diet and exercise plan after treatment, you can expect your EMSCUPT results to last for years.

  • Treatment is FDA approved


EMSCULPT is the first FDA-approved treatment to build muscle and treat fat simultaneously. EMSCULPT has also been clinically tested for safety and efficiency through several independent studies. Patients can rest assured that the procedure is generally safe for individuals cleared for treatment.

  • EMSCULPT is non-invasive


Men and women are excited about the many fantastic benefits of EMSCULPT. Unlike other similar fat removal or reduction procedures, EMSCULPT is non-invasive and non-surgical. Imagine all the benefits of treatments, such as liposuction without surgery or anesthesia. You can rely on the EMSCULPT device to do all the work to have a slim and trimmed midsection or a higher, firmer butt. This procedure is similar to having an intense workout session of squats or core work while you relax and receive your treatment.

  • It can help you build muscle while burning fat


EMSCULPT is FDA-cleared for use on the buttocks and abdomen. This innovative device uses high-intensity magnetic energy that creates powerful and intense muscle contractions. During a session, different muscles in the predetermined target area are stimulated with the EMSCULPT device. Unwanted fat is burned away while building more muscle mass in the process. When the new muscle forms, fat cells are further diminished. As a result, patients are left with a more lifted butt or a more defined abdominal area, which they can show off relatively quickly. However, other body areas may also benefit from increased muscle tone and faster metabolism.

  • It’s quick and effective


A typical EMSCULPT treatment session lasts for about 30 minutes. Patients in Louisville, KY, will lie comfortably while Dr. Mizuguchi and his skilled team at Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery position the device on the target area. This procedure involves minimal discomfort, and many patients stay distracted by being on their phones, reading, or listening to music. In most cases, patients receive anywhere from 4 – 8 treatments spaced 2 – 3 days apart. Results can be expected in about 2 – 4 weeks. Regular maintenance treatments are recommended every 4 – 6 months to maintain the toned or lifted look that the initial series of treatments accomplished.

  • It can target multiple areas.


Stubborn, unwanted fat can be frustrating. Almost everyone has a particular area of their body they would love to slim down, and it can be disheartening to exercise and eat well without the desired outcome. The beauty of EMSCULPT is that it can target numerous regions. For example, some men may want more sculpted arms or chiseled abs. Conversely, women may wish their butt was more toned and in a higher position. Other body areas deemed well-suited for treatment include the abdomen and thighs.

  • It can improve your body and your self-confidence


Imagine sitting back and relaxing while the EMSCULPT device causes the muscles to contract 20,000 times. Fat is burned away while simultaneously building more muscle. This newfound muscle mass lends itself to increased metabolism. The results are fast, visible, and can be a huge self-confidence booster for many patients. However, EMSCULPT is only for some. This treatment is best suited for individuals who routinely exercise, maintain a healthy diet, and want a little extra help obtaining definitions in specific target areas. Physically fit men and women at or near their ideal body weight will get the best results from EMSCULPT treatments.




So if you are looking for a treatment that could tone your body, emsculpt special is what you need. The benefits explained above show how effective the treatment is, and you will surely see the results within no time.