Traditionally, Lego building blocks were targeted mainly for boys: Trucks & Cars, Trains &Buses, Cops & Robbers, and the list goes on with stereotypical interest for boys. It was only time that the 80 year old brick manufacturing company would come out with what looks like “girl-Lego’s” or as they’re branded: Lego Friends.

With bubbly product names such as “Heartlake Vet Clinic” and “Andrea’s Stage” what girl can’t resist getting Lego Friends that come in new pastel color blocks, and the days of girls having to have to play with Star Wars jet fighters are over. Yet some critics think that the Lego Bremen for girls have been washed down from what Lego was intended to provide: solving a 3-dimensional puzzle.

Lego Community

In the Lego community, the enthusiasts build models based on the directions provided with their box, but eventually they grow tired of that particular model and start modifying it to their likes or even put together something entirely different. Find any enthusiast website and you are sure to find an ample array of different combinations of Lego bricks that make something pretty incredible unique. And unfortunately with the Lego Friends, which supply girls with one plastic casts of horses and mini-figs (Lego people, mini figurines) with hardly any interchange parts, it leaves limits to one’s imagination. Lego has always had boy and girl mini-figs, why create a line of 12 curvy ones with almost manipulable hair styles.

As leading countries are having a harder time in getting girls interested in engineering, Lego thought they could solve that problem, except the friends-line is more interesting for 3 to 4 year old instead of 6 to 12. Yet the problem really lies with why not market so-assumed boy products to girls? Why not show girls playing with cars and airplanes? And it’s not like Disney’s Cars movie was strictly for boys, neither should their Disney Car’s Lego sets.

Esther Cepeda’s of Washington Post Writers Group in her article “About those new Lego’s for girls” says that as fun as the pastel colors are attractive there is no reasons for mothers and dauthers to “… walk to the next aisle and embrace the rest of Lego’s general interest products such as medieval market villages and castles.”

In conclusion, the movement to market towards girl-friendly Lego’s was a good idea, is this author’s opinion. It is not the easiest market to enter, and may be with time and some suggestions from moms and group observations Lego Friends won’t go the way of the now defunct Lego Universe.

Prince of Persia – The Battle of Alamut LEGO Set

Can’t get enough Prince of Persia? LEGO’s new April 2010 release of 6 new Sands of Time movie sets is any fan’s perfect playground. Recreate, or make your own scene with this Battle of Alamut LEGO set. This 821-piece set measures over 8 inches high and expands to an amazing 17 inches of play room.

For millions of children and adults, LEGO bricks has been the one toy we never grow bored of. These toys challenge us to dream, build, destroy…then do it all over again! LEGO has definitely out done themselves again. This set has new and improved features we’ve seen in past sets, but also bring new ideas and designs to the table.

One of the best features of this set is it’s highly detailed mini-figures. The print makes each character distinguishable and dressed for their part. The villains sport amazing capes, turbans, and even beard stubble, while hero Dastan carries twin swords on his back. The set includes knives, swords, katanas, and axes for all your characters. Play as one or all of the mini-figures: Dastan, Hassansin, Nizam, Seso, Claw Hassansin, and 2 Guards. Ride into adventure on steed with LEGO’s new camel! This camel is new to the LEGO animal kingdom and can only be found in this set. Although simple in design, it carries  Lego Bremen great traits such as split toes.

Fire-Launching Crossbow

First, enter the castle, but beware of the fire-launching crossbow and pots of boiling oil! If your chances look slim, the pegged walls make climbing acrobatics a dangerous adventure for the “parkour” master, Dastan. Interchangeable walls sections change the layout of the entire set, while climbing pegs can be placed anywhere. The level of difficulty for our hero can change at your own whim, so two reenactments are never the same! Once you’re inside, you’ll have to navigate around the castle’s tricky trap doors, moving stairs, and false walls. The castle also features balcony watch points, and working front doors.

Once you gain entrance to the castle, your characters will find great accessories such as golden goblets, throne, and weapon rack. In the main room is the one and only Dagger of Time, carefully concealed beneath what seems to be just one of the castle’s many riches, a glowing ruby.

The Battle of Alamut set is one of LEGO’s best designs and true to both movie and original game. From the faces on the mini-figures to the decorative castle flags, this set has an amazing completed theme. The set comes with 2 step by step instruction books covering how to erect your new set.