Why do Muslims go to Umrah?

Umrah is an Arabic word that means ‘visiting a settled place’. A minor pilgrimage is the beloved Sunnah to renew her faith, pray for her own needs and bless her with the opportunity to seek forgiveness from Allah SWT her. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) advised a Muslim to perform Umrah at least once.

Guest of Allah SWT, Creator of the Universe

One feels blessed to be a guest in the House of Allah SWT. The Islamic ritual of Umrah is one of his most sacred duties. It allows us to be the guest of the Almighty, the Eternal Absolute, Allah SWT, the Supreme Creator of the entire universe. It is believed that when a person with pure intentions spends his wealth and time following the SWT of Allah, he welcomes the pilgrim and accommodates him in his house (Holy Kaaba).

From the moment they enter the grounds of Masjid Al-Haram, a wonderful sense of calmness, peace, contentment, and cleanliness overwhelms their minds and bodies. This feeling enlivens the souls of pilgrims and bestows blessings upon them from Allah His SWT.

As reported by Abu Hurairah (RA), the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

Ghazi (a warrior who fights in jihad only for Allah), Hajj (pilgrim who performs the pilgrimage to Mecca), Mutamir (pilgrim who performs Umrah)” (Hadith No. 2626, Book of Rituals of Hajj, Sunan Annasa’)

A chance to erase all past sins

It is human nature to sin, whether big or small. However, Umrah offers an opportunity to cleanse one’s soul and body from the burden of past sins. It is believed that when Allah SWT invites a person to Umrah, he allows them to ask for forgiveness of their sins and whatever they wish.

Therefore, to purify the mind and soul, pilgrims are advised to perform Umrah with utmost love, devotion and trust.

Abu Hurairah (RA) reported that the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

After completing Umrah, the pilgrim’s soul is rid of sins like a newborn baby. Allah SWT promises to reward them, forgive their sins and give them the best place in Jannath.

Umrah Reward Equals Jihad

The word ‘jihad’ literally means ‘to strive or fight in the name of Allah SWT’. It is considered the noblest act in Islam. Since jihad requires great love and devotion, the reward is martyrdom. In today’s world, there is no active jihad. Therefore, the following way a person can obtain rewards equivalent to jihad is to perform Umrah duties. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: He calls them, they answer, ask for his agent, he gives them. ”

Considering that the reward of Umrah is on par with Jihad, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said on another occasion:

Therefore, those who are not strong enough can find inner satisfaction and countless rewards from performing Umrah.

Life After Umrah: 5 Things To Do Once You Are Back

Performing a small pilgrimage to Umrah brings blessings and spiritual satisfaction. It is considered the most peaceful path to Jannah (Heaven). The Umrah journey is not easy, but maintaining purity and righteousness in daily life after Umrah packages 2023 requires a lot of discipline and dedication.

During Umrah, a person is released from all obligations to family, work, personal life, etc. It is a journey into a world where negativity and evil do not exist. Everyone is busy worshipping Allah. It is a sacred place free of distractions and recreational activities. The pilgrim’s only concern is to perform this act of worship to the best of his ability and seek blessings and forgiveness from Allah.

But when I go home, I am drawn back to responsibilities, hardships, evils, sins and laziness. The Umrah journey was full of productivity, dedication and great achievements, but after returning home, it can be difficult to reconcile all the efforts and time spent in Mecca. Maintaining the same level of spirituality is difficult but not impossible.

What do you do after returning from Umrah? Five simple things that, done regularly and diligently, will lead you on the path to righteousness and spirituality.

  1. Stay connected with Allah

There are some guidelines regarding personal and social behaviour that pilgrims adhere to during their pilgrimage. By making it part of your post-Umrah life, you can maintain and strengthen your connection with Allah. Always be patient and calm, keep faith in Allah and do not speak ill, hurt or curse anyone.

  1. Remember Allah in everything you do

When I return from my trip, I often reflect on my experiences in the holy city of Mecca. As time passes, references to Allah decrease. But remembering the Almighty with gratitude should not be a temporary stage. Thank you for your good luck, and think of God in everything you do.

  1. Develop good habits

Umrah gives insight into how adopting good habits can change your life. It allows pilgrims to change what they do and how they do it. The pilgrimage is not only a spiritual experience, but it reiterates that every Muslim must develop good habits in their daily lives. Says. So get into good habits and keep them diligently after you return from Umrah.

  1. Make prayer after Umrah part of your daily routine

Most pilgrims are unable to maintain a prayer routine after returning home. Continuing prayer is a direct route to Jannah. And for your time on earth, it helps you deal with everyday problems and promotes punctuality and discipline. , friends, family members and neighbours. Since Allah has chosen you to embark on the holy journey of Umrah, He has given you the responsibility of teaching others his religion and beliefs. A pilgrim must fulfil them.

  1. Compassion for others

The Great Ibadah (worship) gives Muslims the true meaning of life, people and relationships. When Muslims return from their Umrah journey, they should be as considerate of the lives of those around them as they were in Mecca. Keeping up with this habit will make your life easier and keep you on good terms with everyone. Surround yourself with good deeds and get the true blessings of Umrah.