Driving is passion, necessity, love, and habit, differently taken by different drivers. While some are in love with speed, some like automatic gears, others might have a passion for car engines others might love the motion on the road.

Similarly, there are drivers have intriguing passion for trucks which offer power by being high off the ground because of an installed lift kit. These body lifting kits can lift an SUV or truck by one to three inches. A high-quality nylon spacer is also located between the body and frame to create specific gapping.

What is a Lift Kit? An Overview

The simplest and basic purpose of installing these lifting kits is to increase the normal spacing of ground clearance between the body of your SUV or truck and the road. There are different types of these lifting kits available in the market, and it depends on your pick on how high you can lift your vehicle.

Primarily a body lifting kit effectively separates the body from the frame by a few inches, which means there is a certain limitation of one to three inches only on how far you can lift your SUV. But this limit of lifting enhances with a suspension lift kit. This type of kit can be installed both for SUVs and trucks, but here you can determine how high you want to lift your Jeep, SUV, or truck.

While purchasing a new car from the showroom, there are no lift kits installed in the car, therefore, you may easily consider it as an aftermarket vehicle installation or modification. Moreover, installing a lifting kit is not mandatory if you own a truck, SUV or Jeep. You need it only if you feel the drive for power and want to lift the suspension from the ground level or offer the body of your car a superior higher profile.

The kit essentially makes space for taller tires to be installed since the wheel wells are pushed higher when you install a lifting kit. Nowadays, there are some SUVss and new 4×4 trucks available in the market that have already integrated moderate lifting kits during manufacturing.

Advantages of Lift Kit

Lift Kit
Lift Kit

While for many people, it might not make a huge difference to install lifting kits apart from riding your car on a level higher than other cars, there are advantages of installing lift kit.

Improved Tire Clearance

When you install a lifting kit added to your vehicle, it automatically raises the overall body and offers potentially improved higher ground clearance. If you are a regular off-roader, higher tire clearance can immensely help you drive over uneven surfaces.

Especially when you know you will be driving in rough terrains, like rocky driveways, sand, mud, boulders, or snow, a lifting kit will offer that extra space between the body and the ground. Moreover, when you raise your truck or SUV’s tire clearance, the center of gravity of your car also shifts up, which is why you might need to alter your driving handling accordingly.


Quite linked with the previously mentioned benefit, when your car or truck body gets lifted, and the ground clearance level is increased, the body stays at a safer level above the ground. Overall, you can acquire better protection for your car. Many SUVs have a lower body which keeps them susceptible to easy damage when driven off roads. However, with lifting kits, the body raises higher, securing the body from immediate damage from uneven roads.

Bigger Tire Size

Installing larger tires on cars is a fascination for many people. Not only it enhances the looks of the car, but it also offers an upper edge if you are the off-road driver. Now even off-roading can be of different types, according to which you need to pick the right tires.

Well, you might not be an off-road lover or hit the rocky terrains quite often, but when it comes to style and looks, installing a lift kit offer a voguish and robust appeal to your car or truck. Integrated with a balance of safety, durability, and attractive looks, you can enhance the overall feel and comfort, driving ease of your SUV and truck with a simple installation.