When you decide to sell used mobile online, you cannot just pick a random website or buyer and sell your old device like that. There are a few factors you should consider, and that’s what we’ll discuss in this guide. You will also learn some benefits, so it’s not a no-no condition all alone. Let’s get into the details.

Why Should You Sell Used Mobile Online?

We can tell you several reasons to sell your used mobile online to various platforms. It is convenient, reliable, and smart. Below are a few selected reasons to opt for these websites and online mobile stores to sell your used phone.

  • Wider Audience: Online classified websites provide access to a larger audience, where you can sell to a person anywhere. However, it is better to look for someone near your home to save on travelling costs.
  • Convenience: You can sell your used mobile from the comfort of your home. Many online stores offer pickup services from your house. This saves you time and effort, which is lacking in the previous example.
  • Higher Prices: These websites often fetch better prices compared to local markets or trade-ins at physical stores. You can set your desired price and negotiate with potential buyers. But make sure you do your own market research too.
  • Safety: Reputable mobile stores offer secure payment gateways and protection mechanisms. You can either get your cash in hand or transfer it to your bank account. This minimizes the risk of fraud or unsafe transactions. 
  • Specialized Platforms: Numerous online platforms are dedicated to buying and selling used electronics, particularly mobile phones. Since they are targeting a specific niche and domain, you may expect the field experts will be handling your trade.
  • Eco-Friendly: When you sell mobile to these platforms, you are basically contributing towards the eco-friendly environment. Since these companies recycle the mobile, the device doesn’t end up in landfills.
  • Time Flexibility: You can access the website stores any time of the day (24/7). So, it brings time flexibility in the process as you don’t need to wait for the shop to open or operate according to the store’s timing.

Reasons to Look For

While there are multiple benefits to sell used mobile online, it also has some shady parts. Although the fact mostly depends on the platform you choose and many sites are better to avoid such limitations, there are still some factors you should consider before selling the old phone online. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Fraud & Scams

Fraud and scam chances are pretty high when you select classified websites for selling, like Quickr or OLX. People often buy mobile from you at insanely low prices or sometimes don’t pay you at all. Of course, an old phone will have some flaws or defects and show the wear and tear of usage. So, many buyers use the flaws or even smudges as a weapon and decrease the price too low.

It is also a risk if you select a non-popular website. These platforms usually buy mobile from you remotely and don’t even pay at all. In this case, you are left with losing your device and don’t get your money too. So, beware of fraudulent websites or people while selling online.

One way to avoid being scammed is by reading the reviews and looking at the reputation of the mobile store. The suspicious websites don’t put their review on the front. So, you can ask your friend or go to third-party review sites to understand their customer services.

  • Time Consuming

Well, most websites have made the process of sell used mobile online a walk in the park. However, it is still somewhat more time-consuming than visiting the stores physically and selling in person. In the latter case, you will have to search for the right shop, visit them one by one, and do most of the heavy lifting yourself.

But when you get the right buyer, it’s all a matter of a few minutes. But in the case of selling online, the process can take at least a day. The searching process is quite convenient as you will be jumping from one website to another. When you find a suitable site, you enter the model and condition details and submit the ticket.

Now, the real thing starts, as you will have to wait for their representative to pick up the used mobile. Yes, you did all the work from home, on your couch, relaxing. But then you will have to wait for him. The person may appear within a day or at your desired date and time for the pickup.

  • Shipping Charges

While many platforms do the work and bear all the charges themselves, some online stores don’t do that. You will have to pay the shipping cost of sending the device to these online mobile stores. Hence, it acts as a fee for using their services, and indirectly, you don’t get the full price of your used mobile since one part is dedicated to the shipping charges.

However, there are several websites and platforms that don’t ask for shipping costs. These stores include Cashify, Quick Mobile, Budli, Flipkart, and others. They handle all the phone’s transportation or shipping and send you the full amount of your device according to the market value. So you don’t need to worry about any deductions or outside expenses.

If you sell used mobile online through classified sites, the travelling cost replaces the shipping charges. Definitely, you will have to go to a meeting point to greet your buyer. So, you will be spending money on travel, which is a hassle in itself. In this case, choosing the platforms that don’t charge you anything when you sell mobile to them is the best.

  • Potential Return

Another factor is the possibility of a return due to any defect or error. Many online stores are lenient in purchasing phones. But when they found any defect or broken part in the mobile, they sent back the device rather than paying for the updated cost. In this case, it becomes even more time-consuming since you need to start over (again).

To avoid such a situation, make sure you state the condition of the mobile phone clearly while submitting a sale request. It will not only save your time but also show your honesty to the platform, which may ignore any minor flaw (like scratches or smudges). Since these stores also repair mobile before selling them further, the honest description helps them too.

  • No Personal Interaction

Last but not least, when you sell used mobile online, you don’t get a chance to personally meet your buyer. It is most common when you sell it to websites. In personal selling, you can pick the non-verbal clues that help you understand the buyer’s intentions and price your device accordingly. Although a minor one, this is a factor you can’t ignore.


When you sell used mobile online, you have several benefits to do so. However, it is also important to look at some other factors that may help you save time, money, and effort. So, check whether the buyer is not a fraud; the process doesn’t cost you money and consumes a lot of time, and you describe the phone’s condition most accurately. By remembering these points, you can make a successful sale.