Buy First Aid EMS Kit at LINE2EMS Store. This Individual First Aid Kit has what you need readily accessible for an emergency medical, or trauma situation. LINE2design, LINE2EMS Emergency Medical Supply (EMS) Manufacturer-Distributor for Mobility, Ambulance, Paramedic, EMT, Firefighter Supplies for Worldwide EMS Sales and distribution.

LINE2EMS has revolutionized the mobility industry by offering a variety of quality stair chairs at affordable prices. The Economic First Aid Kit by LINE2design is a perfectly designed first aid kit for any occasion. Its mobility makes it versatile for lifeguards, swimmers, and you at the office or home without jeopardizing the critical content needed for ambulance service providers to use on a regular basis for quick responses.

The size and ease of the Economic First Aid Kit makes it the ideal fit for the home, the office, or and vehicle or RV in case of an emergency. The bag is full of the quality, essential items necessary for all minor to moderate traumas as well as CPR equipment for any first responder. This is a great first aid kit to take camping, to hid away on a motorhome or boat, or to store in the trunk of the car. LINE2design has created one of the most user-friendly first aid kits on the market.