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One of the most important factors for any law firm is generating online traffic and leads. SEO for law firm websites can include on-page optimization, link building, and social media marketing. In today’s online landscape, backlinks are the key to ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). The more high-quality links your law firm can acquire, the more visibility and opportunity you’ll have to attract new clients.

Even though link building can be time-consuming and challenging, many strategies are guaranteed to fetch backlinks. Here are a few link-building strategies that can help law firms be successful.

Creating High-Quality Content

Creating quality content is the primary way to generate links. SEO for a law firm website is all about attracting readers and generating leads. High-quality content will help you achieve this. Content must be well-written, informative, and engaging. It should provide value to your readers and should also be updated regularly.

Focus on topics that are popular with your target audience. Often, linking to high-quality content on popular topics will get you more links than linking to content irrelevant to your target audience.


Networking is another underrated link-building strategy. Connecting with other professionals in your field can help you build relationships and gain insights into their link-building efforts. For instance, if you’re targeting healthcare professionals, you may want to connect with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare industry professionals. Or you can also look for local bloggers with high reach and see if they’re willing to add a link to your law firm as a resource. This will direct people to your website and help you build links organically.

Alumni Directories

Alumni directories are a great way to get links from people who know and trust your brand. Connecting your law firm website with popular alumni directories can provide you with a steady stream of high-quality backlinks.

Your alma mater alumni page is a great place to start. Not only will this page have a large audience, but many alumni will likely be active in the online community. In addition, many popular alumni directories accept submissions from law firms.


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Social Media Marketing

SEO services for lawyers efforts should include a strong social media strategy. Engaging with your target audience on social media can generate leads and positive word-of-mouth. Make sure your social media page is well-designed and easy to navigate. Post interesting content, and promote your events and other promotions.

Engaging with followers and building relationships is key to effective social media marketing. By providing value and being responsive, you’ll establish yourself as a valuable resource and increase the chances that followers will share your content.

Working on Noteworthy Cases

Lawyers in your firm can work on noteworthy cases to build links. While it’s not necessary to work on every high-profile case, it can be helpful to have a few noteworthy cases that are PR magnets. Working on such cases can get to the press and generate a lot of attention for your law firm.

Also, online articles and blog posts that talk about noteworthy cases often link to the law firm’s website. This will create a boost in traffic and rankings for your law firm.

Better Business Bureau

Another way to get links is through Better Business Bureau (BBB). BBB is a resource for consumers that help businesses find and evaluate quality customer service. Although listing on BBB can be costly, it can be very helpful in getting positive reviews from consumers and building trust.

The cost depends on the number of employees your law firm has and the size of your company. Getting referral reviews from other businesses is also a great way to get links.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be a great way to get links from other websites. By writing about a topic that is relevant to your target audience, you’ll show your expertise and increase the chances of getting more traffic to your website.

Make sure to provide value by writing high-quality content and providing helpful insights for your readers. Plus, by getting published on other sites, you’re likely to draw more traffic to your site, as people will be interested to see what you have to say on other blogs.


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Online Forums & Community Sites

Participating in online forums and community sites is a great way to get backlinks to your site. This is because you’ll frequently answer people’s questions and provide them with helpful tips and advice. If someone sees this and likes your post, they may link to it from their own site in order to share it with their followers.

Local Listings

There are many local listings, such as Whitepages and Yelp, that are frequented by customers looking for legal help. Submitting your law firm’s website to these sites is a great way of getting exposure for your firm in your area, and it can also help you build a collection of backlinks to your website.

Be on the lookout for such directories and add your firm to them. Your clients can search for attorneys by location, and when someone needs your services, they will find you easily.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a technique where you find broken links on your site or others’ sites and reach out to the owners to request a link back. These law firm SEO techniques can be very effective if you find sites relevant to your field and then approach the owner politely with a request to add a link to your site.

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