If you love a good, juicy steak, but don’t want anything to do with the production process that leaves all these cows with scars on their face and tails docked off, consider Kosher Bison. Bison live better on smaller farms than those confined to feedlots before being processed for beef. It is the closest substitute for beef in terms of flavor and texture. We at L’chaim Meats offer the best quality bison because we care about where the meat comes from and what happens to it.


Benefits of Consuming Kosher Bison Over Beef


1. A Sustainable Choice

Kosher Bison farming practices benefit the bison’s environment, so choosing to eat Bison is good for the world. Wild game production methods encourage environmentally sustainable ranching and produce sustainable wild game populations.


2. Contains Less Fat And Cholesterol

A 3-ounce serving of bison contains only 3 grams of saturated fat and 5 milligrams of cholesterol compared to the average 6.5 grams and 80 milligrams found in the same serving size of beef. Also, water buffalo produce less fat meat, so they are better suited to warmer climates than cows. The result? You get lower-fat meat that is better for the environment.


3. Supports a Better or Fairly Remunerated Workforce

High-quality Kosher Bison are raised by observant Jews, many of whom observe Kashrut according to the laws of their respective faith and work the family farm. The kosher bison is not confined to feedlots. They are instead raised on small farms by observant Jewish families and ranchers who continue to value their Bison herds for their meat, milk, and hides. The meat is healthier for the animals and for you.


4. Provides a Sustainable Protein

Kosher Bison are survivors. The American bison thrived and prospered in areas where the plains were harsh and infertile. Due to their ability to adapt, they are an ecologically sustainable protein source that can provide much-needed nutrients in sometimes inhospitable environments.


5. Provides a Naturally Lean Meat

In addition to higher protein content, Kosher Bison is naturally leaner than beef or pork, making them a healthy alternative for those watching their weight. The USDA reports that bison meat has a nutritional value almost equivalent to chicken and turkey in terms of the percentage of calories it contains from fat. Lean meats like this can help you maintain your ideal weight and trim your waistline.


6. Can Be Used In The Same Ways As Beef

Kosher Bison meat can be used in ways similar to beef. It can be used for stewing, ground, sauteed, and roasted. It is perfect for fajitas or stir fry but has unique qualities in sweet dishes or Italian recipes. You may also use Kosher Bison in the same recipes as ground beef to make burgers, tacos, lasagna, and chili.


7. A High-Quality Meat

The meat is trusted and appreciated by observant Jews as an animal raised humanely without harming the bison. The meat is a healthy alternative to red meat because of its fat content and leanness. The bison is on the list of approved kosher meats in many countries worldwide, including the United States.


8. A Strong Meat Alternative

The meat is delicious enough that you will find yourself looking for new recipes to use it. Some recipes call for it with the same qualities as beef, such as burgers, but others call for it similarly to chicken or pork. The meat is also popular on its own, with Kosher Bison being leaner than beef.


9. Bison Are Easy To Raise

Kosher Bison, or buffalo, is easy to raise and requires much less land and feed than traditional cattle. They thrive where the environment is harsh, and their meat can be harvested in a way that is more humane for the animal. Also, because of their high tolerance for heat and drought, they can better survive in hotter climates because they do not need as much water.


10. A Taste You Will Love

Consuming Kosher Bison will enable you to enjoy a new taste. Because of its leanness, it is almost as tender as beef but has a unique and delicious flavor. The meat is leaner than beef because it is higher in protein and lower in cholesterol, fat and saturated fat. It contains up to 90% less total fat and 60% less saturated fat than traditional red meats.



L’chaim Meats offers the best quality bison produced under the highest standard of kashrut. We understand that there are many different styles of meat available to consumers, and all need to be equally as healthy for those consuming them as they are great for the environment in which they were raised. Our Kosher Bison are raised entirely by observant Jews, and the Bison farming practices benefit the bison’s environment.


The meat is delicious enough to find yourself looking for different recipes to use it. To know more, visit  our website today!