Ever since it was created under the HK Sijiu International Share Co., Limited, and co-founded by Min Ai, Haifeng Zhou, and Haitao Zhou in 2018, we have learned that HTVRONT serves as a popular best Chinese-based DIY handicraft brands all over the world that develops heat transfer vinyl, adhesive vinyl, and printable vinyl products for design printing. It has also ensured the production of the most unique and brilliant DIY handmade products designed with crafting materials such as sublimation paper, resin, weeding tools, and cutting blades.


For years now, they have been working on several new products. Some common examples include the Mini Heat Press, which features a big and fast heating plate of 2.6″ x 4.4″, suitable for heat transfer projects and personalized patterns on top of fabric surfaces, including hats, handbags, T-shirts, and more.


HTVRONT’s Easy Heat Press is a cutting-edge solution for crafting enthusiasts. Featuring a sensitive pressure display function and seamless integrated design, this machine ensures convenient operation and minimizes ironing errors. Its uniform surface temperature, spanning 10 “x 10”, facilitates precise heat transfer vinyl and sublimation projects. With an accurate pressure display, rapid and even heating, and built-in safety features like auto-off, this press guarantees both efficiency and safety for crafting endeavors.


Moreover, the brand also launched the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press in 2022, popular for being the industry’s first heat press with an advanced lifting system that can automatically apply pressure. =Some of Auto Heat Press’s diverse components include FCC and UL-certified wires and plugs, a high-tech resin display screen, a dual-zone heating engine, and more that work to ensure its smooth operations. In addition, the machine is designed to auto-adjust its pressure for items around one inch thick. It comprises a dual-zone heating engine, a soleplate combined with Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistor technology, and thermal insulation materials.


When we reached out to them, we learned a couple of benefits of the heat transfer vinyl printing methods that you need to know.


Saving Money 


Adding the names, logos, or names to clothes is quick and easy. For the design, you will only need to custom-cut the design and then weed the images – ensuring that you don’t need to use expensive software or chemicals to do the job.


Personalized Design 


Aside from logos, if you are looking for personalized designs on t-shirts, swimsuits, bags, or jackets, a heat transfer vinyl can provide you with a customized design of your liking.


Fine Details 


When the design has been cut into the vinyl, it can make it easy to replicate the same design without missing out on the fine details of it.




Wear and tear are common when people constantly wear jerseys or uniforms. One of the best things about vinyl designs is that they are long-lasting no matter how often you wash them.


HTVRONT embodies the essence of modern crafting. Their diverse range of innovative products showcases a commitment to excellence. By choosing HTVRONT, craft enthusiasts gain access to cutting-edge tools and embark on a creative journey where every creation is infused with artistry and resilience. With HTVRONT, crafting becomes a canvas for boundless creativity and enduring expression, transforming ideas into tangible works of art that stand the test of time.