If you’ve been using disposable vapes for a while, you may be used to how easy they are to use. Like other vapes, Lost Mary vapes are easy to use and can be used right out of the package. The Elf Bar Lost Mary BM600 has no charging ports, but the BM3500 and BM5000 do. 

Lost Mary Elf Bar BM600s have a built-in battery that is 550mAh and lasts as the e-liquid inside gives you puffs, which is 600. You won’t run out of battery power before you run out of vape juice. Each vape pod has 2ml of e-liquid with 20mg of nic salt.

Lost Mary Unique features

The device is small and light. Even though disposable vape pods are usually small, the Elf Bar Lost Mary is even shorter while still looking stylish. Due to their small size, Lost Mary vapes are perfect for vaping in secret. When you close your fist, the whole vape pod disappears.

These vapes are still a good choice if you want to show your elegant new vape pod. The bright, shiny, and colorful appearance makes it beautiful. The vape pod feels good in the hand because it has a smooth finish.

Specifics of Elf Bar Lost Mary

  • Best for Beginners
  • 600 Puffs: Lasts longer than 20 Cigarettes
  • Inhaling turned on
  • 20mg Nic Salt
  • Range Of Flavours
  • 2ml E-Liquid

Flavors of Elf Bar Lost Mary

Like all Elf Bar products, the Lost Mary collection has a lot of different flavors. You will find a lot of fruity tastes that will make your mouth water. You can choose from 24 delicious Lost Mary flavors. If you don’t know where to begin, here is what we think is the best Elf Bar Lost Mary vape flavor:

Ice Watermelon

The sweet, juicy taste of a ripe watermelon will bring back memories of the best summer vacation you’ve ever had. With the right combination of summer fruit and icy menthol, this Lost Mary flavor is the clear winner. Each sweet note of red watermelon is paired with a cool, icy undertone that stays in your mouth for a long time. It serves as a refreshment at any time!

Are Lost Mary Vapes Effective for Quitting Smoking?

Vaping is one of the best and least likely to make you start smoking again ways to stop. But not all vapes are made the same: Some devices make it easy to switch from smoking cigarettes to blowing clouds with your electronic device, while others make you rely more on your willpower than on the method that is supposed to help you.

Elf Bar Lost Mary vapes are a great option for new vapers and people who used to smoke. The smooth throat hit and 20mg of nicotine make it feel like smoking, but carbon monoxide and tar, both deadly, aren’t a part of the equation. There is a lot of nicotine in a cigarette, which is what makes it so addicting. This is matched by the high nicotine content of Lost Mary, which makes it easy to satisfy your cravings without having to smoke tobacco. The list of flavors will make your nicotine hit even more enjoyable, making you wish you had started vaping instead of smoking much sooner.


Not only is it a new kind of disposable vape that sets a new standard for how small a vape product can be, but it also helps people quit smoking. The high nicotine level in an Elf Bar Lost Mary vape will keep you from wanting to smoke while giving you a tasty rush of fruity goodness without any carbon monoxide or tar. Because of how cheap it is, you should put this on your shopping list. If you want to change the vape, then choose the Lykcan Belo. It is the alternative to Lost Marry vapes.