Here are some things to consider when preparing your bags before going on vacation, shopping for luggage, and general packing tips. This is all based upon what we’ve learned through extensive traveling over the last several years.

We thought this would be worth sharing as we have gone through a lot (way too much) of luggage. Thanks to our experiences that include countless hotel changes, plus hundreds of hours dragging our luggage through airports, train stations, and cities, we’ve learned a lot. We thought we’d share some things to look for looking to buy new luggage, some good brands, some brands to avoid, and other various tidbits about luggage (specifically, carry-on luggage…you’ll read why that’s all we own).

Getting the “right” Bounce Luggage Coupon is important, so let’s dig right into with our recommendations. For starters, we recommend doing only carry-on luggage for any trip that includes multiple destinations. This is not important if you’re traveling to Walt Disney World and will be staying in the same hotel the entire trip. If you’re simply moving luggage from the airport to Disney’s Magical Express to a hotel, it doesn’t really matter if you have a larger bag or a couple of bags. (If that’s the case for you, skip down to the ‘What to Buy’ section for recommendations.)

With that said, we still do a single carry-on bag for every trip, and that includes vacations to Walt Disney World. We are big time believers in only traveling with carry-on size luggage. Traveling with more or larger bags not only costs more (checked bag fees!), but is unnecessary. We’ve traveled to Europe and Asia for 14-day trips without doing checked bags, so it’s entirely possible for a trip to Florida.

When we travel to Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, or Hong Kong Disneyland, on the other hand, we are always doing more than visiting those parks. That means a lot of time on subways and in commute with our luggage. If you’ve ever been in any subway station at rush hour, you know just how stressful it would be with a bunch of bulky luggage. Travel expert Rick Steves turned us on to the idea, and we totally agree with his philosophy and rationale.

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