Addiction can be defined as a habit of alcohol or drugs that can’t leave without the guidance or supervision of professionals, mental health is attacked along with physical health. The chemical disbalance of the brain is to the extent that a person loses all control of his actions and thoughts, with no ability to work on their skills, focus on themselves, their close ones, or the work. This feeling of helplessness and being alone and miserable at all times often consumes a person giving up on living a healthy future life. One day without the consumption of alcohol or drug there are thousands of withdrawal symptoms pushing the individual to drink or have drugs again, thus guidance and professional care become really important since self-medication or any homely treatment usually have significantly fewer chances of recovery and if recovered then there are increased charges of relapse. 

Rehabilitation centers are an asset to society and in the life of addicted patients and their families. It is a ray of hope for every individual suffering from a substance abuse disorder and battling against it all alone. Addiction is not just a habit but destroys your mental health and ability to face the life’s problems without giving up, the major issues that it causes are-

  • Mental health disorder – the person begins to face extreme anger and anxiety issues. Panic attacks occur so frequently that it becomes a part of our daily lifestyle. Depression, loneliness, insomnia, anxiety are so common mental health disorders that come along with the substance abuse disorder.
  • Suicidal thoughts– substance abuse disorder engulfes the person with only negative thoughts and energy where self hate,self comparison and lack of self belief begins to start. Thoughts to kill oneself or harm oneself through various disastrous activities like burning oneself, jumping from a high cliff or a building, or various other harmful ways.
  • Hatred towards people around –  a sense of disliking is normal but when the Addiction begins to create this disliking into hatred then it becomes dangerous for the individual as well he becomes a threat to the society.
  • Hallucinations – people suffering from substance abuse disorder lacks a sense of reality, hallucinations become so common in their life that what is reality and what is not becomes difficult for them to understand being a major cause of anger and frustration.

Traditional vs luxury rehab

These are only a few reasons the list can go on and on, these rehabilitation centers are the need of an hour. There are two types of Luxury rehab centre 

  • traditional rehab centre that focuses on-


  • Offering supervision and guidance from the professionals
  • 24 hours care by trained health staff
  • Daily Medication and everyday checkups
  • Comfort and a positive environment to get treated and return back to the world with sobriety.
  • Therapy sessions, the most crucial part of rehab centers provide a platform for the patient to communicate and share their emotions and feelings which are otherwise always suppressed. 
  • Food prepared by the dietician
  • Scheduled day planned with various treatment procedures and fun activities.
  1. Luxury rehab centers focus on providing a luxury lifestyle with upscale and advanced amenities along with the comfort and peaceful environment for the patient-
  • A private room facility is available so as to ensure privacy for the patient
  • Gourmet food- the individualized meal is planned by the dietician every day depending upon the health condition of the patient.
  • Serieniv view- the person as soon opens the window is welcomed by a beautiful scenic view that gives peace and motivation to live in through this beautiful nature
  • Individualized therapy sessions are ensured

There are various reasons that people adopt for alcohol or drugs in the first place but these can be controlled with growing awareness be it through word of mouth, school curriculum, digital marketing, advertisements and NGO’s. The need of an hour is to create awareness among the masses especially the youth to not to use any kind of substance and if suffering from substance abuse disorder use the correct diagnosis which in today’s time is the rehabilitation centre be it traditional or luxury that mainly focuses on helping the patients fight the battle against distance abuse disorder and live a life of sobriety.