Madhubani show-stoppers are known to be the pride of whole India. It is a statement of people’s responsiveness towards age old custom and convictions. Madhubani imaginative manifestations depict themes which pivot around Hindu divinities like Rama-sita, Madhubani painting , etc.

People of Mithila put vigorously in sticking to their deeply grounded customs and convictions since this area rushed to go under the effect of Aryan culture. Madhubani materials expect a critical part in advancing the customs which were connected with the unbelievable characters which are referred to in sublime Vedas-Puranas

Anyway madhubani arrangements are in presence since the time or Rama and Sita, it turned out to be notable in mid 1960s. Madhubani materials were painted on mud covered walls and were a partnership of womenfolk of MIthila district. This workmanship has been passed down from the more settled age, from mother to young lady. However as of now men have moreover obliged them to satisfy the continuously rising need.

Madhubani materials were made on walls to celebrate social happenings fundamentally wedding .Just ordinary tones were used to paint. Turmeric for yellow, grass for green, henna leaves, etc were used to give the madhubani painting the first and ordinary look.

Womenfolk were encouraged to paint these madhubani masterpieces on paper with the objective that it might be conveyed of mithila region. From there on out this wall painting was advocated in authentic sense. At first ordinary tone were used to paint madhubani show-stoppers, but later designed assortment were used to satisfy the continuously rising need. Today madhubani sytheses can be found worshiping the home of any craftsmanship darling whether in Mithila or Manhattan.

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