Mahindra and Ashok Leyland bring high-quality models integrated with features that enhance performance and deliverability. Besides, these improved features are the only reason why the prices of such models might accelerate. 

Don’t you think? If you’re buying a model with great features, its price will surely be high. Nevertheless, here we have advanced engineered models. 

So, remember the features you’re looking for, whether you consider a Mahindra or Ashok Leyland truck price. Proceed with reading. 

1. Ashok Leyland 1915 HE Truck

Engineered with an H series BS6– 4 cylinder engine is the Ashok Leyland 1915 HE Truck. Besides, the model serves engine benefits, complies with BS6 emissions and produces 150 HP output. Also, it delivers a great raw output and 450 nm of maximum torque, implying enhanced performance.

Moreover, the Ashok Leyland truck has a GVW of 18500 kg, providing 12900 kg of payload capacity. It allows the model to load more without creating any disbalance and maintaining the high-balanced drive. 

Furthermore, 185 liters of fuel tank capacity allows for driving far distances without frequent refueling. Hence, you won’t find any fairly priced model with such features. Well, you must go with it. 

2. Mahindra Furio 14 Truck

Equipped with an H series BS6 compliant engine is the Mahindra Furio 14 Truck. 

Moreover, its engine evokes 150 HP output with a maximum torque of 450 nm, driving enhanced performance. In addition, it has a 362-diameter organic clutch and gearbox with 7-speed control (6 Forward+1 Reverse). 

Apart from this, GVW is 18500 kg, and the wheelbase is 4500 MM. Higher GVW has a payload capacity of 12900 kg with stabilized movement from the wheelbase. Hence, Mahindra truck price range is Rs. 22.57 Lakh – 23.67 Lakh.