One of life’s simple and greatest joys is a relaxing bubble bath. But what if your bathtub needs to be replaced? Or perhaps you’re interested in upgrading to a more elegant tub. Hiring a professional is the best option when setting up a new bathtub.

Reasons Why You Should Have an Expert Install Your Bathtub

The best person for the job is a Bathtub Installation Melbourne plumber; however handymen and general contractors can also put in bathtubs. The disconnection and reassembly of the plumbing is a sophisticated element of installing a bathtub, and should only be done by a likened plumber. The need for special permits for this type of work will also be known to your plumber.

Is It Possible For Me To Build A Bathtub Myself?

You can install a bathtub yourself if you’re ready to take the necessary precautions, as you would be with any other major home improvement project. Water damage isn’t the only thing that may happen if a bathtub is installed improperly; an unleveled tub can be difficult to repair and cost a lot of money.

Putting in a new bathtub involves more than just setting up the tub itself. A bathtub requires drywall mounting for proper placement. It’s not just the tub that will need to be replaced, but also the surrounding wall, tiles, faucet, and maybe even the flooring. If the tub you desire won’t fit through the door, you’ll need a backup plan.Hence, if you are not proficient in plumbing, tiling, flooring, and dry walling, you should probably hire a professional to build your bathtub.

Is There A Plumbing Service That Can Put In A New Bathtub For Me?

You certainly can, but it’s important to verify their credentials first. When hiring a handyman to install your tub, make sure to gather suggestions from friends, neighbors, family, and references. You shouldn’t hire an amateur to put in your bathtub since they could do expensive harm to your home if they don’t know what they’re doing.

How Do Experts Put in a New Tub?

Do your pro a favor and clear out the bathroom before they arrive. Assuming there is such a thing as a shower curtain, it must be taken down. The technician or plumber will then:

  • To disassemble the drain flange, tub spouting, waste and overflowing valve lid, and drain assembly, the tap water must be shut off.
  • Get rid of the outdated bath
  • To do this, you can cut drywall or remove tiles as needed.
  • If the subfloor isn’t even, use a leveler to fix it.
  • The new tub should be placed into the newly constructed alcove after the drywall and tiles have been removed.
  • Get rid of the bath and replace it with stringers (two-by-four boards that help support the tub)
  • Prepare the bathroom for the new tub.

To complete the installation of your new tub, you must also purchase and install a new faucet, and any other necessary fixtures. The professionals can also cross check if there is any Shower Leaks.

  • Put in place the new bath and ensure it is secure.
  • Complete the tiling or dry-walling.
  • Put the spout back on.
  • Please reactivate the water supply.


You should keep in mind that this is just a high-level overview of the process of installing a bathtub. Do your homework and find out what has to be done in your particular bathroom if you plan to do it yourself.