Create your own tropical paradise with Designer Vertical Gardens realistic artificial bamboo plants in Australia. Our life-like collections boast ultra-realistic trunks and amazing RealTex textures that stay fresh and vibrant for years to come. Whether you want more privacy or are looking to revamp your office or residential spaces. When you add a few fake bamboo plants to your spaces, you create a zen garden that helps in creating a calming, soothing environment.

The Bamboo plants is the perfect fake plant for creating a sense or relaxation and greenery to any environment.

  • Stunningly real looking leaves
  • Instant decoration and beautification
  • Realistic trunk has been used to make it look amazing
  • Replicate nature without the maintenance

In the fast-paced environment, nothing can be better than gaining access to such beautiful greenery while you are still indoors. No matter how hard you think about it, planting and growing natural bamboo requires quite a bit of dedication and consistency. Some bamboo shows no signs of growth for the initial few years, then have a growth spurt unlike any you have seen. While they have their own advantages, nobody can grow them without patience and dedication.

If you want to beautify your spaces and create a tropical paradise, buying artificial bamboo plants might be your best bet. For an effortless way of adding privacy, colour, texture, or just a touch of exotic beauty to any space in the home or office get looking at our fake bamboo today!