One of things you need to know about all professional industries, especially in the music sector, is that if you have a lot of connections with influential individuals, you can thrive in your career in all kinds of ways.

However, meeting them for the first time can be extremely taxing and daunting, especially for those who are just starting out in their music career journey. There are times when making connections with major record labels and publishing companies might seem like an impossible feat to achieve.

However, we are here to remind you that making valuable connections is possible and within your reach – as emphasised by famous band members of Doubting Tomas, which is known to be one of the best hard rock bands that is based in Arizona and England.

It was founded by Bill Brewster during the Iron Curtain in Germany and since its inception, the band has experienced several phases of name changes and personnel.

In the beginning, the members of the band would spend many hours away in an attic of the former German Army barracks where they would practise and jam to music such as the Scorpions and Accept. The members have often talked about how they grew up with the influence of pop hard rock bands such as Foreigner, Styx, Journey, and REO Speedwagon.

After getting an extended break, the band finally released their first song. After that, they began to work on many other albums such as the Roots, Ruins, Rebel, and more where they focused their time and effort meeting all kinds of professionals in the music industry, getting on good terms with them, and learning so much through their various interactions. And in just a matter of years, Doubting Tomas came out with an album called ‘Shattered’, which consisted of nine songs featuring Amanda Power, Billy Brewster, Jeff Rose, and Sergio Unzueta – further amplifying their exceptional presence in the music industry.

And this is not even half of the people they have connected with over the years. As a professional musician, the members of the band have often spoken about the importance of utilising connections to make the most out of your music career. Hence, we will be sharing a number of tips to help you figure out the best way to network with people in the music industry.

Making Proper Selection

One of the most important things you need to consider is that when you meet people, think about how they can become relevant to the work you do and how their connection serves an important purpose. Is there a band you want to work with? Do you want to introduce yourself to a promoter? Keeping these in mind, make sure that you are always meeting everyone with respect because they just might be the people who can propel your successful career into the future.


Mutual Support

People will always remember those who appreciated them for their work, so always make sure that you appreciate the work of people you want to keep good connections with. There are so many ways you can reciprocate, so always make the most out of those opportunities.


Using social media

Another way to show your appreciation to others is to connect with them through social media – because they just might do the same for you. Try your best to share, comment, or like their content and connect with them via messages. You never know just how strong connections can be made through these approaches.