Creating a home that’s more inviting to guests has a positive secondary advantage – it’ll feel cozier, more personal, and more inviting to you, too.

After all, it is your home, and it is a reflection of you, in a sense.

So see if you can put some of these tips and suggestions for making your home’s interior spaces more inviting into practice today.

Incorporate Decor (Don’t Forget Funny Signs for the Home!)
There is a growing trend among homeowners; it’s the opposite of minimalism and it’s (not surprisingly) called maximalism.

As the name suggests, it involves maximizing all potential space with decor and personal elements to tell your story, as an individual or a family.

Wall art, hangings, framed photographs, sculptures, personal crafts, and other decorative elements can all be incorporated into a maximal setting.

Another great way to set a warm, inviting tone is with funny signs for the home, such as the ones available at Sawdust City. There’s nothing like getting a good laugh from visitors, and no easier way to do it than with a cheeky sign.

Sawdust City features a huge selection of different wooden signs, including ones with funny sayings, famous quotes, welcome signs, and a whole lot more. What better way to make your home more inviting than by adding a bit of levity and style?

Offer Comfortable Seating
Seating is, in so many ways, central to the entire experience that a room offers. If there is a dearth of seating, or if there is only minimal comfortable seating, visitors will feel that innately.

Give more than a passing thought to the seating in your living and family rooms and dens. Use this as an opportunity to introduce a touch of softness into the room.

Large, comfortable sofas, loveseats, and chairs will go a long way toward making your interiors more cozy and inviting.

Also, you can use seating like this as a blank canvas on which you can add color with throws and pillows, which you can customize according to the season or occasion.

Set the Mood with the Right Lighting
Like seating, lighting has a central influence on the mood and overall atmosphere of an interior space.

Keep in mind that both cool and warm color temperatures can create an inviting setting, but warmer color temperatures (those that are yellower in hue) tend to feel more inviting.

At the same time, you should consider brightness, too. Consider investing in dimmer switches that will enable you to create a brighter setting earlier in the day and evening, but which will also offer you the flexibility to tone down the brightness as it gets later.

Don’t Forget Aromatherapy
Don’t underestimate the sense of smell; smell is strongly linked to emotion and creating a pleasant olfactory experience can improve your home’s atmosphere.

Naturally, different scents will appeal to all different people in unique ways, but many popular fragrances are floral and spiced (like baked goods). Either of these classes of fragrances will appeal to most visitors.

Consider including scented candles (you don’t even need to light them) or potpourri in your home’s interior spaces, or even burning incense or using scented wax warmers.

Bring the Greenery in
Last but not least, consider bringing some houseplants inside. There are all sorts of plants, including snake plants, anthurium, and succulents, that will basically thrive on low light and neglect, making them easy to care for.

Moreover, plants fill negative spaces, modulate humidity, absorb ambient volume, and filter toxins from the air while releasing oxygen. Some people even report feeling uplifted moods and greater positivity when in the presence of houseplants.

Wooden Signs, Furniture, and More
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