Without a doubt, Marathi movies are the hidden gold mine of Indian cinema. They are frequently disregarded at the national level, and people are unaware of what they miss out on. Marathi cinema today has some of the business’s top actors, actresses, and filmmakers. So, if you wish to explore Marathi cinema, here are the top movies you need to watch right away:


Aniket formulates a plan to get rid of his wife and live with his lover after his wife refuses a divorce. What happens when Aniket receives a strange call informing him that his wife’s body has disappeared? To know the answer, you can watch this captivating comedy Vaalvi movie online.

Harishchandrachi Factory

The directorial and writing debut of Paresh Mokashi, is a biopic of Dadasaheb Phalke, the man credited for popularising motion pictures in India with Raja Harishchandra, the country’s first feature-length motion picture. This Marathi film is a soulful and loving homage to the craft of storytelling. You can watch them on a movie app like Vi.

The Disciple

It is an incredibly mature and contemplative feature film. Sharad, a student of Indian classical music, is the focus of the movie. He does not understand that he is merely average at the one thing he loves the most: music. Sharad follows a clear direction towards the end of the movie, but it does not end happily.

The Silence

It tells the tale of Chinni, a little child whose alcoholic father sends her to a wealthy uncle. All goes well until Chinni’s world collapses in front of her when her aunt is abused by her husband. The aunt takes care of her throughout the film.

Dharmaveer: Mukkam Post Thane

Anand Dighe, a late Shiv Sena leader who devoted his life to promoting the well-being of Thane’s residents in Maharashtra, is what the biopic Dharmaveer revolves around. It is an engrossing Marathi Drama movie for you to consider.


Despite dating for more than three years, Alok and Indu suddenly decide to split up. When Alok’s parents learn about the split, they urge the couple to talk to one another and reconcile. Flashback scenes show the audience what finally caused the couple’s breakup.


Archi and Parshya, a young couple who fell in love in college, are the main characters of Sairat. Parshya comes from a low-income and lower-class family while Archi is from a higher caste. When Archi’s father learns about the couple, he decides to break their relationship.


Marathi’s film industry is slowly but surely coming into its own. Bollywood’s biggest names are producing, directing, and performing in Marathi films, like in Tamil and Telugu. So, if you want to indulge in the best Marathi movies, the list mentioned will surely be helpful. You can find the right movies based on your preference.