The March birthstone, Aquamarine, is a stunning blue-green variety of beryl that ranges in hue from pale blue-green to deep turquoise. Along with its beautiful color, this precious gemstone is also renowned for its hardness and durability – it scores an 8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. For centuries, Aquamarine has been worn by royalty as a symbol of courage and faithfulness in relationships. This beautiful gemstone is believed to possess magical properties for mental clarity as well as physical health benefits such as reducing stress and calming the heart.

In addition to being a popular gemstone used in jewelry, it is also often used for carvings and ornamental objects due to its hardness. The Emerald cut is especially lovely due to its ability to show off the stone’s rich coloration. As one of the oldest known gems, Aquamarine makes a stunning choice – both visually and emotionally – for anyone born in March.

History Of Aquamarine Gemstone

The aquamarine gemstone has a rich, centuries-old history. It has been used as a sign of luck, protection, and success throughout many cultures since ancient times. It has also been known to represent health and fertility in many cultures—an association that is thought to date back to Ancient Roman mythology when it was believed to be the treasure of Neptune, the god of the sea.

Aquamarine is traditionally associated with powerful properties and strengths; these include wisdom, courage, and inner peace. Today, the stone continues to enjoy popularity in both fine jewelry and lesser-expensive costume jewelry because of its calming blue hues and durability. Additionally, recent science is revealing more secrets about this beautiful gemstone as researchers study its potential healing powers on humans as well as plants.


Many people believe that wearing their birthstone can change their luck. While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, birthstones are thought to have special powers that can bring good fortune to the wearer. Some believe birthstones can protect against negative energy, while others believe they can attract positive energy. Whether or not you believe in the powers of birthstones, wearing your birthstone is a great way to show off your unique personality.

The March birthstone, Aquamarine, is a great stone to wear if you are looking for inspiration. This beautiful blue stone is said to represent the calm and serenity of the sea and is said to be a stone of communication. Aquamarine is also said to be a stone of courage and is said to be helpful in overcoming phobias and anxiety. If you are seeking inspiration, or are in need of courage, consider wearing or carrying an Aquamarine stone with you.