As global awareness of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors continues to surge, strategic approaches to managing these elements have become crucial for business leaders. Recognising this need, we introduce the Strategic Approaches to Environmental, Social, and Governance Programme – CMI Level 7. This comprehensive, three-day virtual course, priced at £1,600 + VAT, is tailored for senior business leaders, directors, C-suite, and board members. Its primary aim is to deepen their understanding of the ESG landscape, its impact on their organisations, and effective strategies for ESG initiatives.

The programme provides an overview of the global and UK ESG landscapes, examining key frameworks, regulations, and best practices.

It highlights the necessity of ESG considerations from both risk and growth perspectives, equipping delegates to strategically prioritise investment areas. By delving into the mechanics of strong ESG governance, the course guides participants in creating clear, comprehensive ESG plans, integrating measurement, reporting, and communication facets.

The course structure includes three main sessions.

The first, ‘Exploring ESG’, provides an introduction to ESG, distinguishing between traditional corporate social responsibility efforts and modern embedded sustainability. It familiarises participants with global ESG commitments, frameworks, regulations, measurement, and reporting requirements, underlining the business case for ESG at their respective organisations.

The second session, ‘Community, Engagement, and Impact’, conducts a deep dive into environmental impact and sustainability, social impact, and community engagement. It touches on the impact of supply chains, supplier relations, employee experience, and engagement. Furthermore, it emphasises the business case for diversity and inclusion in their companies.

The final session, ‘Leading, Measuring, and Embedding Change’, focuses on good governance, ESG data tracking and measurement, third-party verification of ESG commitment, and defining strategy. It explores best practices for ESG communications and teaches delegates how to embed change through governance.

On completion, delegates will have a deep understanding of the ESG landscapes and impacts, a robust framework for analysing ESG risks and opportunities, and the ability to create a comprehensive ESG plan.

The optional CMI Level 7 Award in Strategic Management and Leadership is designed for directors and senior managers, preparing them to translate organisational strategy into effective performance. Assessment for this qualification involves a 3000-4000-word written assignment that applies the taught theory to a strategic organisational context. Free and unlimited post-classroom tutorials are provided for guidance through this phase.

About the Tutor

The course will be taught by Patrick Voss, an accomplished professional with vast experience in marketing, strategy roles, and organisational change. His expertise extends to planning approaches for evaluating environmental impact and designing programs to capture, analyse data, identify successes, and track/report progress over time.

In addition, we have partnered with, ensuring a seamless process for delegates to book accommodation while attending the programme.

Whether you have educational qualifications or not, if you have at least two years’ management experience, are seeking to understand global and UK ESG landscapes, or wish to assess potential ESG impacts and learn ESG best practices, this course is right for you. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your ESG strategy and make a lasting impact on your organisation and community.

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