Are you sick of investigating unpaid and rejected claims? Are you trying to find a mental health billing company that can adhere to payer and regional regulations? Go no further than Plutus Health, a reliable partner to handle your revenue cycle management (RCM) services for mental health.

With one-click help available 24/7* 365 days a year, Plutus Health is a group of AAPC-trained and certified mental health coders who offer end-to-end mental health billing solutions. As your go-to billing and coding experts for mental health, we promise to streamline your billing procedures, improve your coding and billing system, and carry out thorough pre-billing audits to decrease denials.

Because of the many types of treatments provided to patients, as well as the insurance plans, deductibles, and other differences by state, payer, and plan, mental health billing can get complicated. With decades of experience in the field of mental health coding and billing, Plutus Health promises to make your coding and billing experience more successful and less stressful.

Our group of certified coders works on your claims and consistently delivers the outcomes your practice needs. We submit accurate claims with the utmost care in order to increase your practice’s first-pass ratio. Our mental health billing professionals are experienced in creating and putting into practice successful procedures that will increase our clients’ financial viability. You can count on a hands-on approach and a dedication to producing top-notch results.

The top mental health billing insurance denials, such as incorrect CPT codes, provider not enrolled, missing/invalid information, excluded or non-covered charges, billing to the wrong payer, duplicate billing, overlapping claims, and contractual obligation, are handled by Plutus Health with guaranteed results.

The average turnaround time for claims at mental health practices has decreased to 48 hours, and their share of clean claims has increased to 95%. The average (NCPR) collections have achieved a staggering reimbursement of 98%, while automated patient payment collections have increased to 35%. lowered the average amount of denials for mental health practices to 5%, and the average amount of time it takes for mental health practices working with Plutus Health to receive payment is now 25 days.

At Plutus Health, we recognize that billing for mental health services presents significant difficulties that could jeopardize your practice’s ability to make a profit. We can assist you in streamlining patient collections and offering patient statement services that involve patients and provide them a better experience to receive faster payment for their obligations. Before to the start of services, we also examine the patients’ benefits and eligibility, and patient collectibles like co-pays and deductibles are collected during the patient visit before the claim is submitted and the payer is paid.

Our mental health billing solutions are tailored to the needs of your practice and provide you with a range of services that are intended to improve your revenue cycle management. Our team of experts can efficiently handle mental health medical billing, coding, and collections for mental health service providers because to their 15+ years of experience in the RCM industry.

Plutus Health wants to be your revenue cycle management partner by streamlining and improving the coding and billing process for mental health services. Speak to our mental health billing and coding specialists today to set up an expert conversation, and don’t compromise on your income success.