MBBS in Iran: A Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Medical Students

Are you planning to pursue an MBBS degree as a future medical student? Iran is the best place to look; it has a world-class medical education system. We will explore the options, advantages, and factors that international students should take into account as we dig into the world of MBBS in Iran. We will give you all the necessary details you need to make an informed decision, starting with the admissions process and going through the curriculum.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Iran

Studying MBBS in Iran offers numerous advantages to international students:

  • High-Quality Education

High academic standards and demanding training programs are hallmarks of Iranian medical universities. These universities offers an important focus on hands-on instruction, allowing students to develop strong clinical abilities

  • Affordable Tuition Fees

In contrast to several Western nations, Iran has very affordable MBBS tuition. Iranian medical schools are a desirable alternative for those with little funds because of their significantly lower tuition rates.

  • Affordable Tuition Fees

Iranian medical universities are proud to have educated, experienced faculty that are committed to giving students a top-notch education. These academic advisors and doctors create a supportive learning environment as they educate students through their time in college.

  • International Recognition

The MBBS degree in Iran obtained from Iranian medical universities is recognized globally, allowing graduates to pursue further studies or practice medicine in various countries worldwide.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students must be 17 years of age or before 31st December in the year of admission
  • Students should score 50% and above in their 12th (Higher Secondary) exam, especially in Physics, Chemistry, and Bio from CBSE/ICSE or any equivalent board.
  • Students should have cleared the NEET exam before they proceed with the admission as per the latest information provided by MCI for studying MBBS in Iran.

Best Medical University in Iran for Indian students

The top medical universities for Study MBBS in Iran as follow

  • Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
  • Isfahan University Of Medical Sciences
  • Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

The MCI has given approval to many top medical universities in iran that Indian MBBS students can attend:

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