Decorative concrete or concrete overlays, because they are overlaying existing concrete are actually very reasonably priced when compared to using actual stone, slate, tile, wood, brick, pavers, manufactured stone veneer and even pool or patio spray deck coatings, and has become popular because it is customizable and can be changed or adapted right on the job site to better match your vision.


Meerwise Habibzi will help you understand the “average” price across the country for everything from a basic beautiful spray deck to a custom hand carved jaw dropping work of art. Again, these are averages, so you could see dramatic differences based on cost of living or labor rates in your particular area, or the cost of freight to get materials to your city, state or country.


Meerwise Habibzi broken the rates into easy to understand and pretty accurate pricing categories…which work, because this is the rule of thumb that a vast majority of contractors use when pricing their jobs. Always remember though…there could be extra costs for demolition, prep work such as scraping, chipping and grinding away old material, crack bridging and repair work that must be done before you can overlay, etc. The below rates are just for the overlay work itself in most cases…best to always get a couple bids and ask your contractor what is included.