Today’s article, SGE would like to invite you to learn a little bit about biofilm media, a popular type of media for wastewater treatment. Let’s take a look together.

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The highlight of the biofilm media product in spherical shape

The synthetic biofilm media is an excellent product to help wastewater treatment systems operate efficiently and sustainably. Designed to support the biological process, the biofilm media is a place where aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms can adhere, enhancing the contact between microorganisms and wastewater, while maintaining a stable population and increasing microbial density.

One of the highlights of the biofilm media in the form of synthetic fiber is its low cost compared to other competing values, as it is readily available in large quantities and thus does not encounter supply difficulties. In addition, the biofilm media is easy to transport and install, and can be applied to any size of treatment tank. With high durability (>5 years), the biofilm media made of PE plastic also provides long-term benefits and cost savings for wastewater treatment systems.

With the biofilm media, wastewater treatment managers can be confident in the quality of the treated wastewater, while saving on operation and maintenance costs. Moreover, this product also helps to minimize negative impacts on the environment, protect natural resources and human health.

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How much is the price of spherical biofilter media?

The synthetic fiber biofilter media with a size of 1000 x 200 mm is made from high-quality synthetic material, and is an ideal solution for efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment systems. With a specific surface area of up to 250-350 m2/m3, the biofilter media provides a large contact area between microorganisms and wastewater, enhancing the biological treatment process and improving the quality of the effluent.

This product is manufactured and distributed in Vietnam, and the synthetic fiber biofilter media is reasonably priced at 400,000 VND/m3, ensuring that wastewater treatment systems can be improved effectively without investing too much cost.

With all the benefits and convenience of synthetic fiber biofilter media, there is no reason not to choose this product for your wastewater treatment system. If you are interested in optimizing the wastewater treatment process, please contact us at SGE for more detailed information and free consultation from our team of experts.

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