Mind-blowing Vtiger tips and tricks no one will tell you.
Mind-blowing Vtiger tips and tricks no one will tell you.

Customizing the Vtiger CRM software efficiently greatly impacts the working and productivity of the tool.

If you are a Vtiger user and lack proficiency in your Vtiger usage then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I have covered some of the best Vtiger tips and tricks that you should know to enhance your workflow.


Table of contents:

  1. Using CRM solutions for business management.
  2. The importance of Vtiger CRM.
  3. The power of Vtiger extensions.
  4. 5 Most effective Vtiger tips and tricks to increase the CRM experience.


Using CRM solutions for business management:

Just like any other software, CRM solutions can also be highly effective and empowering for your organization. This software is not just a simple customer management tool but offers a range of other useful features for your businesses to enhance their effectiveness. Depending on your business strategies and priorities you can choose a suitable CRM solution and see the positive impacts. But the condition is to configure and customize the software the right way. You will be amazed to know that if these software are not properly customized you can’t take full advantage of it. 


The importance of Vtiger CRM:

Vtiger is just like any other software. If you want to maximize your business efforts and increase the efficiency of your tasks, make sure to customize it as per your unique business needs. Following some simple tips and tricks and configuring suitable vtiger extensions can be extremely beneficial and favorable for your business individually as well as collectively. But you must wonder, how will you configure the software without knowing the core concepts of Vtiger CRM. Well! In that case, you can easily find a professional vtiger developer or service-providing agency who can help you out and deliver outstanding Vtiger services to transform the software into a much more powerful and extensive business management tool.


The power of Vtiger extensions:

A very effective way to upscale your business power using Vtiger CRM is to configure third-party Vtiger extensions. These extensions also known as vtiger plug-ins are developed by expert Vtiger developers to increase your CRM experience, save time, and automate repetitive tasks. Considering your needs and requirements for the CRM solution, you can add the most compelling extension.


5 Most effective Vtiger tips and tricks to increase the CRM experience:

Using Vtiger CRM is quite simple. With an easy-to-use and intuitive layout, the software enables its users to streamline their processes, automate tasks, upgrade management, and much more. By following some additional tips and tricks you cannot just increase the power of the software but also manage your business seamlessly in a more innovative way. Following are some of the best Vtiger tips and tricks no one will ever tell you but can be game-changer for your business:

  1. Vtiger Training: One of the most important yet neglected steps in Vtiger implementation is Vtiger training. Before applying the software to your organization make sure to conduct training sessions for your employees with a vtiger expert. This will greatly affect the workflow of the software and increase employee’s working capability.
  2. Individual customization:As a business admin you can configure additional extensions with your CRM. However, some customizations are for individual users. Customizing the dashboard and displaying important things will help the users manage their everyday tasks and increase the power of the software.
  3. Automating repetitive tasks:Many businesses forsake the Vtiger workflow automation feature, although it is one of the most useful features allowing users to automate their repetitive tasks and reduce their workload.
  4. Keyboard Shortcut keys:With the help of the Vtger Keyboard Shortcut extension users can add custom shortcut keys to optimize the speed of the tasks and perform the operations fluently.
  5. Other tricks:The tips and tricks for vtiger usage are never-ending. Hundreds of advanced and modern vtiger extensions are now developed to help users perform operations smoothly. The multi-user assignment extension has revolutionized task assigning tasks. On the other hand, the Vtiger search and filter extension have robust features for improving the search operations. And the list can go on and on. 

The way you use the Vtiger CRM solution greatly affects its working ability. Following the right steps can be highly beneficial for you and your employees. The better you know a software the more favours you can get from it. So, before working on Vtiger CRM make sure to understand all the basic functionalities of the software and additional ways to enhance your processes.



Vtiger CRM software is known to be highly customizable and configurable. Depending on one’s needs the software can be easily tailored by adding additional Vtiger extensions or integrating third-party software tools. Vtiger experts and developers are available in ample amounts who can help the business excel in business management through this powerful yet extremely affordable management tool. The right tips and tricks for any software tool can work wonders for your business.