The number of people I’ve met that have visited Mission Impossible Escape Rooms, even fewer of those who have played it, I can count on one hand. This is why I would wait to book ourselves into Quest to try out the games!

Mission Impossible Breakout has a unique concept! It’s Mission Impossible with an Ancient Egypt.

Mission Impossible Escape Rooms theme

When you open the door to Mission Impossible escape room, you enter a dusty old Egyptian tomb complete with hieroglyphs, ancient mummies, sphinxes, and dusty old research tomes piled high. The idea is you’re deep underneath Cairo at a site of historical importance, and your Mission is to find seven bombs hidden around the world. If you get them right, it’ll reveal the position of the final one here in Cairo! It’s briefed and ready to wipe out the pyramids and all this history, so you have just 50 minutes to find the bombs, demobilize them, and make it out alive!

It is a unique twist of two common themes, and despite my doubt about how such a theme could work, Mission Impossible Escape Rooms Mississauga do justice with a beautiful and realistic theme of both the ancient and modern aspects. They all work well together, allowing for a different tempo and feel in each part of the game. While you may have time to rummage through a few old books and decipher some of the hieroglyphs in the first part, you’ll need to disarm a bomb that beeps in a second quickly!

Break the code, defuse the bomb.

In terms of difficulty, Mission Impossible’s escape room is well-balanced. It was a 50-minute clip, and we tackled it with two people (one experienced, the other less experienced) and managed to escape with less than 5 minutes on the clock!

Hints were available by talking to the game controller, and we used a hint or two, plus a few nudges in the right direction when we were off the ball. In hindsight, we don’t need the requested clue, but it’s better to escape with a clue than not at all!

There are many puzzles in this room, and the player may encounter some locks that require codes or 3, 4, and 5-digit keys, some logic puzzles, lots of research and discovery, and geographical knowledge elements. But about this last part, don’t worry! Everything you need is also in the room. Overall, there’s a lot of stuff I haven’t seen before in any other room and lots of puzzles powered by smart machines.


Not only a brilliant room but also great customer service. At the end of the game, we walk around the room, and there are some easter eggs and cool details we might have missed that we might have missed. It was a pleasure to meet the creator, who is so passionate about escape rooms, and we both left smiling to celebrate in style at the local waterfront pub.  

Pros and Cons of Mission Impossible Escape Room

Mission Impossible’s strong point is the quality of the room. Since the game involves a lot of physical challenges, the solid construction and ingenuity of the room are important to the experience. The seamless use of mechanical and digital technology in the room, without exposed wiring or inadequate spaces, enhanced the experience. However, the room has two downsides. The first is to limit weight in a specific area of ​​the game. Therefore, if you have a larger group playing this Quest, some members may be restricted from participating until this part is completed. This can turn out to be a huge disappointment as we think the area is the best part of the Quest.

The second is a countdown beep with each passing second. The team found this feature interfered with our communication and puzzle-solving as we worked through the challenges. In addition, the room’s design also made it extremely difficult to go back to the beginning to check the time. So we decided to cut the clock and add an extra clock in the second half of the room.


A challenge cannot be called a Mission Impossible escape room without adrenaline, and this room did not disappoint. The room presents a good mix of physical and visual challenges that require teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking. Two quizzes, in particular, were the highlights of our experience. The first is a challenge that tests our flexibility and spatial awareness, while the second uses puzzle elements we’ve never encountered before in an escape room. It should be noted that this room needs some mobility, so we warn players with injuries or health problems to participate.