The choice of lighting can make the difference between a successful infrastructure and one that falls short. A safe environment is provided for both motorised and non-motorized users. 

Furthermore,  street crime and the fear of the same are reduced through brighter illumination. Not to mention, the local nighttime economy is also boosted. These are only a few of the many advantages of good outdoor LED lighting design. Leveraging them can be beneficial for having a systematic and clearly visible transport infrastructure.

Transport, being the backbone of the Indian economy, requires an efficient lighting system to boost safety, eliminate delays, and improve the reputation as well as the perception of the overall department or facility. 

How Modern LED Lighting can Embrace a Transport Infrastructure?

The leading producers of street lighting claim that the entire lighting industry has changed as a result of technological improvements. Innovative and intelligent lighting solutions, such as adaptive lighting, smart outdoor lighting, etc., not only guarantee exceptional performance but also cut down on energy usage and carbon emissions.

For instance, Wipro Lighting’s smart and connected lighting solutions help with efficient space management and consumption. They encourage the system’s integration of diverse aspects, including performance monitoring and analytical research, which together aid in enhancing the transportation infrastructure.

Here are some of the applications of LEDs in different verticals of transport infrastructure.


Airports are considered to be a highly developed sector that conducts intricate operations. Booth outdoor and indoor lighting systems, therefore, need to consider a variety of aspects. Airport authorities are expected to guarantee proper lighting levels, operating efficiency, and uniformity, along with safety and emergency considerations. Furthermore, lighting professionals assert that the terminals’ lux requirements can range from 150 to 300 lux. Due to security concerns, exceptions may be made in rare circumstances.

Railways and Metros

In congested areas like train stations and metro stations, lighting functions as a multipurpose tool. First of all, it helps to create an outstanding and useful setting that welcomes pedestrians and helps them locate the proper entrances and exits. Second, sufficient lighting guarantees constant passenger security and safety. It protects users from mishaps and accidents on dangerous surfaces like stairs, escalators, concourses, and ticket booths.

Highways and Roadways

The main safety measure for ensuring safe travel on the roads and highways is lighting. By thriving homogeneous illumination that enhances nighttime visibility, it helps traffic safety. This gradually reduces the likelihood of tragic traffic incidents. 

Additionally, the top commercial lighting producers think that adopting LED street lights can help cities become smarter and more autonomous.


The biggest demands for lighting and safety from road users are made in tunnels, particularly during daylight hours when risks are at their highest. Therefore, proper luminosity is important for tunnels to allow the free flow of traffic. 

Moreover, to ensure the right eye adaptation and quick recognition of items,  designers make sure that portal and tunnel entrances and exits, as well as interior zones, have the proper illumination levels based on ambient outdoor LED lighting.

Why Choose LEDs to Illuminate Different Transport Infrastructures?

Thanks to several technological developments and innovations, modern LED lighting and control systems offer plenty of benefits:

  • They are energy efficient as the luminaires are made from high-energy efficacy LEDs
  • LEDs are sustainable.
  • These luminaires have a longer lifespan.
  • They can be equipped in various types of luminaires, from recessed to the street, and high bay or midbay light. 
  • They are brighter with anti glare and flicker properties to provide focused, clear, and eye-soothing lighting to avoid accidents.

LEDs are anticipated to reign in the coming future. And why not? The lighting solution offers ample benefits and is easy to maintain over a longer period of time. 

If you are a part of transport infrastructure development and looking for the best luminaires to aid the illumination needs of different verticals, make no mistake and go for modern LED lighting from reliable brands like Wipro lighting.