The spontaneous effect of TV makes it irresistible. It continues to provide the best entertainment to students despite a heavy academic workload. You may be wondering, how do I complete my homework and watch TV at the same time? Well, hire a professional writing service to work on your essays, research papers, and assignments. You will create enough time to watch the latest TV series and relax instead of wasting all your time in the library. 

Each student has a different idea of the most entertaining TV series. Luckily, the TV provides a wide collection from comedy to sports, drama and science fiction. Here are the top trending series for every student to watch. 

The Last of Us 

Movies and books produce video games that ride on the success of their franchise. On The Last of Us, the opposite has happened. The video game gave birth to one of the most captivating movies to watch today. Credit also goes to Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey for providing one of the most entertaining storylines. The series was released on 15th January 2023 on Max. The first season has already exceeded expectations, paving way for the 2nd series. 

The series gives a story of a people who have to navigate a post-apocalypse environment. They have no idea what to find since every stage appears to be planted with uncertainty. They have firearms but have to improvise others as they move along. The movie is based on the experience of the pandemic. While the Covid-19 pandemic lasted a year or two, this one is set on the 20th year. Other guests in the act include Nico Parker who plays Sarah, John Hannah who acts as Dr. Newman, and Anna Torv who plays Tess. It is a very relatable yet imaginative series considering that students can recall the experience of Covid-19 pandemic. Scientists and historians will also enjoy the imagination. 

Poker Face 

Poker Face is one of the most loved TV series today with a rating of more than 80%. Released on 26th January 2023, the movie features Natasha Lyonne, Benjamin Brat, and Hong Chau, among other stars. Charlie, one of the casino employees, has an exceptional ability to detect lies. She is aware of this ability. She decides to move around the country solving deceit issues for strangers. This will land her into trouble. 

Poker Face takes a crime-drama trajectory with a lot of comedy for the viewers. Each of the episodes take a different case, giving viewers one of the most exciting cinematic experiences. The bigger story involves Charlie who will fall in trouble by running away from her boss after a mysterious murder at the casino. The episodes accommodate a lot of tastes from different cinema loves. The entry of other guest artists like Adrien Brody and Noah Segan makes the drama more interesting to watch. 

Jury Duty

Jury Duty is an American sitcom exploring the possibility of a fake trial. The main characters include Ronald Gladden who plays as Jury #6. Unfortunately, throughout the trial, he is the only one who does not know that the trial is fake. James Marsden is one of the best actors as jury #14 who provides as alternative. The series explores the scenes behind the news in American jury system. 

Ronald is not aware that the summon to be a jury was not official. Everyone in the court room and the cases presented are fake. However, he dedicates his time, energy, and effort to search for justice. Interestingly, everything happening inside and outside the court is planned. It is the interaction of the juries that makes the story interesting. The sitcom seeks to make fun of the American justice system and its claim to offer justice. 

Lessons in Chemistry 

The use of an academic title might push away some students but this is one of the best academic-based series you will watch this year. The series will change and challenge your understanding of the universe. The producers did justice by getting the service of award winning actors Brie Larson and Lewis Pullman. It is a unique series that will prey on your mind and heart. 

Beyond the chemistry in the laboratory, Elizabeth Zott will discover more about herself and the actual chemistry. She has to balance life, love, and family. All the balancing happens as she pursues one of the toughest career paths. This is an experimental plot that can only be rated as very successful. 


The current release is in its fourth season. It has managed such a long journey by capturing the mind of viewers using some of the best cast possible in the world. Some of these actors include Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, and Brian Cox. The last of the series was released on 23rd May 2023.

The series tells the story of the family of a global media owner. The family patriarch has fallen ill and his health is uncertain. The members are now fighting over his wealth. The in-laws have been dragged into the picture, providing another perspective for drama. The series is described as one of the most captivating in musical score, humor, action, directing, and writing, among other aspects. Over the years, it has been nominated and won awards in different categories, cementing its place among the most entertaining works on TV today. 

Watching a movie helps a student to relax at the end of a tiring day. The choice of movie or TV series will enhance your imagination. Movies also provide perfect social time for students during breaks and social context when with friends.